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Haleema - 09.05.2021
life at six and flow

Hiya, I'm Haleema, and I'm a Paid Media Manager at Six & Flow. I am a floating resource who assists the pods with all things paid. I work closely with Adam (Director of Strategy) to deliver highly targeted, focused paid media campaigns. One of the questions I asked when I was going through the interview stage was ' How would your colleagues describe you?' & Adam's response came back as grumpy, but I am YET to see this! ( I mean, there is still time but I doubt it)!

I'm going to tell you my Six & Flow Story so far, so stay tuned. Hopefully, there is something that makes you click 'apply' and join our ever-expanding loveable team!

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Covid: The virus that changed the world 

Who ever knew that Covid was going to become such a big part of our lives?! Here we are, a year later and we're still adapting to a weird new accepted ' normal' way of life. I ended up working from home for the first time ever in my previous role and adapting to a new way of life. After putting off applying for a new role, due to the uncertainty of the direction the world was headed, I FINALLY took the plunge and applied. This is where Six & Flow came in.

Being the extrovert that I am-I needed to find a company where I would be celebrated, encouraged and accepted. I really struck gold when I came across Six & Flow.


The recruitment process and onboarding 

After not doing a single interview for three years, I was beyond nervous. I was greeted by Adam and Sarah (Operations Director) who put me at ease straight away. I felt so comfortable answering the questions and when the interview was over, I really hoped they liked me!

The recruitment process at Six & Flow is long, but clear and structured, and unlike any that I have experienced before. The next stage was to present a presentation on a paid media strategy. I feel like I presented the whole thing without taking one whole breath in 30 minutes.

Following on from this, I had four speed interviews with different members of the Six & Flow team - everyone was so lovely! My last speed interview was with our MD Rich & this was the scariest for me ( the top dog - I needed to impress!) Rich was not what I expected, he was down to earth, fun and we Ieft the interview laughing. He asked me why I wanted the job and my reply:

"Because the job ad said there's beer, dogs & cake and they are my three favourite things EVER  - switch the beer for prosecco and we are winning!"

So you can guess how the interview went.  From the back of this, I got the job and I was absolutely elated.  The recruitment process meant that I had met multiple members of the team so I felt at ease when starting my new role.

Onboarding remotely was a weird experience but it was so thorough and well planned. I met the whole company by scheduling in Zoom 'coffee catch ups' and quickly realised that everyone was SO lovely. I am yet to meet everyone in person but I feel like I know them so well, despite only ever meeting on Zoom! I  have settled in quickly and it feels like I have been here for years (although, I can't wait until I can meet everyone in person and have after work drinks - did someone say prosecco?!)


Looking back on month one

I joined Six and Flow and was met by enthusiasm, positivity and good vibes. I got stuck in straight away - like any new job (you want to impress and leave your mark)! I was surrounded with support from all my peers, and felt like I could always ask for help. I am constantly learning and developing, doing my Hubspot Certs, learning new platforms and meeting clients!

One of the highlights of my first month was a piece of work that I presented to a client which was received very well. She then went on to email our MD Rich about how impressed she was, who then shared this feedback out to the whole company. I was bombarded with messages congratulating me for my good work and then opened the door to a bottle of prosecco from Six & Flow! I felt so appreciated and overwhelmed  and I fully felt like I belonged in the Six & Flow Team. 

It was then my birthday a few days later and I received some beautiful flowers and chocolates - I feel like I have been constantly receiving gifts! (I'm not complaining). My first month at Six & Flow has been amazing and I am so excited to see where this journey will take me. I am ready to learn more, constantly develop, and help shape the future of our Paid Media offerings. 


Six & Flow's culture

One of the books that has shaped my life is Vex King's, Good Vibes, Good Life. It highlights the importance of positivity and surrounding yourself with it in order to achieve your goals. If Six & Flow is anything, it is good vibes. Successes are celebrated by everyone, no matter how minor they may be.

Six & Flow's ' Team First' approach is unique - we are like a big family where everyone's views are heard, valued and respected. Playfulness is another core value which it SO appreciated - everyone is so much fun! During my first month, I did a work Instagram takeover and unleashed my cringey self (I'm sorry!) It feels so nice to be part of a team where you are encouraged to do this. 

I feel truly lucky to be a part of Six & Flow and I am so excited to see where the future will take me. I love working with all the pods and talking to lots of people everyday (albeit from my home office) but I just can't wait till this will be in person. Did someone say proseccos all round?!  

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