Life at Six & Flow: Why Jess Joined

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Jesslyn - 04.04.2021
life at six & flow

The recruiting experience

Before joining Six & Flow, I was working part-time at a start-up company previously while looking for a full time position because my little one had started school. A friend of mine suddenly texted me asking if I'm still looking for a new role and that's where it's started. A few hours later, I got a LinkedIn message from a director at the agency! 

For me, the title "director" was quite intimidating at first, but Barry was so friendly and casual in our initial chats and ended up asking me to apply for the role through the website, which I did. 

The interview process was smooth and quick! After the first initial call with Sarah, I was booked for the next interview the next day. Then, I was given a design challenge that I needed to present to some other team members including the Managing Director. It was a total of two weeks from initial call to me accepting the offer.

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My onboarding experience

The onboarding process was great! Both Sarah and Barry talked through the structure of the agency overall, and I got to meet everyone for a quick "coffee chat" via Zoom. 

Given the flexibility in working hours, it's really beneficial to me as a mother that I'm still able to do the school run everyday.

Looking back on my first month

I always have deep interest in marketing and never had a chance to learn it properly. I spent the first two weeks in HubSpot training which I found really interesting and helpful in order to support my role. Apart from the training, everyone in the team was super helpful whenever it came to questions and additional supports.

My role: UX Designer

As a UX designer, all I want to do is to create a product with a pleasant experience for users while increasing the ROI of the company. At Six & Flow, that's exactly what I'm doing! I learn about our clients and analyse their websites to see what can be improved. 

What I enjoy most about Six & Flow

I enjoy mostly everything about working at Six & Flow. My team is great, and full of talented people supporting each other. I enjoy working collaboratively with my team. I enjoy the weekly catch-ups with other colleagues from different pods, and I enjoy talking to all the directors. 

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