Life at Six & Flow: Why Khadijah Joined

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Khadijah - 08.03.2021
life at six & flow

Khadijah has been a part of the Six & Flow team for about four months, and she sits on the Growth team as our internal growth marketer.

The recruitment process

I heard about Six & Flow from Ravi, who I used to work with at Vidyard. In fact, he's the only person on the team I've actually seen and spoken to in real life. We even went to Tampa Bay, Florida together once for a conference (along with our other former colleague, Zak).

In any case, I pinged him one day on LinkedIn and asked him how he was enjoying his time at Six & Flow so far, and he had nothing but good things to say. I was ready to get to my next gig, and he told me that they were hiring in marketing and said he'd flag my application. I applied immediately, and within a few minutes, I got an invite for a first round with Rich (our Managing Director). After that first conversation, even though I was speaking with other companies, I knew this was the one I wanted to land. These are the reasons why: 

  • I wanted to gain some agency experience 
  • The mission, vision, and values were made clear from the very start
  • The work sounded exciting
  • The partnerships were impressive

Several calls later (and I mean this in a good way), I got the call I was waiting for; the offer! I pretended I was thinking about it (??) and of course I accepted. It was such an easy decision because I knew exactly what I was in for, I got to meet about half of the team through the interview process, and it just felt like the perfect place to learn new skills, and grow my current ones. 

Plus, working with a former colleague that you enjoyed working with before? Can't beat it. Full package. 

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Remote onboarding

I had reservations about this, especially because I'd already gone through another onboarding process since the panini (??) a.k.a the pandemic has taken the world by storm, but I was so pleasantly surprised. Day 1, our Director of Ops and my Line Manager took me through the overall team structure and accountabilities of every person, and had prepared a checklist of things for me to complete during my first month. These included things like virtual coffee meetings with everyone on the team, and completing specific certifications through HubSpot and Drift (who are two of our major partners). 

I really loved being able to catch up with everyone, and as I've said to folks that have joined the organisation after me, everything that was included in my onboarding checklist has been applicable to my day-to-day now that I'm four months in... not sure where that time went. 

Two other things that really made a big impression on me during my onboarding were accessibility to HR/Ops, and weekly pulse checks. I met with Sarah (Director of Ops) every week for my first month, and then monthly until I hit my probation. It was super informal, and certainly a safe space to share my joys and challenges. I've felt so much support and have had help to put processes in place for me to be able to better execute on internal marketing requests.

The weekly pulse check was not just an onboarding feature; it's ongoing. I love being able to fill that out. It's an opportunity to say what's gone well in the past week, gauge how your workload has been, what challenges you've faced, how you've exhibited the core values (one per week is highlighted), and give colleagues praise for a job well done. 

By the end of my first month, I felt like I could really hit the ground running. I knew who to go to for assistance on certain things, understood our processes, saw how our values really do seep into everything we do, and how supportive everyone is regardless of where they sit in the business. Even though I've only met one person, I feel really comfortable with everyone on the team and like I can bring my full self to work. 

My role: Growth Marketer

Being that we're a growth marketing agency, we have a lot of folks that are focused on growth for clients. However, I'm the main lady when it comes to focus on internal growth. I'm working across several areas that include: partner marketing, content creation, brand awareness, and community building. Since I've been a part of the team, I've been able to work closely with folks at HubSpot and Vidyard, written a ton of blog posts, gotten to weigh in on marketing strategy, contribute content for our revamped website, and start a podcast

I'm learning so much every single day, and I have the support I need when it comes to my personal growth and building up new skills (like basic graphic design) and I honestly could not be happier with how good of a fit this role and team are for me. 

The best part of working at Six & Flow

It's honestly so hard to choose the best part of Six & Flow but if I have to, it would definitely be the team. I love how diverse we are in every way you can think of, and that every single conversation pretty well leaves me with a new learning and something else to explore. Everyone is smart, driven, hard-working, and just a lot of fun.

To have this kind of rapport with folks I've never set foot in the same room with is really special, and I know this because I've had basically the opposite experience. In short, if you're looking for a new place to call home (for work), I would take a look at us. 

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