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Nisha - 02.05.2021
life at six and flow


Hello, I'm Nisha, and I'm a Growth Executive here at Six & Flow! I work within one of our pods to deliver on lots of different marketing bits for our clients. It's a role where I can learn every day and be surrounded by a team of experienced marketers, risk-takers, and, most importantly, great people.

I'll be giving you a little insight into how my first month has been here, including onboarding remotely and finding my feet all whilst in a global pandemic! Maybe you might read something that will make you click 'apply' too...

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Feeling lost in a global pandemic

There is no doubt the pandemic affected each and every one of us personally, professionally, and emotionally. For me, my experience truly showed me the kind of person I am, what I value, and where I saw my future heading. I realised what I was good at and that I wanted to strive be in a place that allowed me to push myself whilst also being a part of by a great agency culture. And that's where Six & Flow came in. 

Finding a place that you fit in with as much as they see you fit in is a challenge, but here's my story at Six & Flow and it's only just beginning!


Why I chose Six & Flow

Working in digital marketing and living near Manchester meant the name Six & Flow was nothing new to me when I first came across the job posting. I had heard really good things about the company and was keen to know more. I wanted to be a part of a company that had a strong positioning in the industry but also didn't take themselves too seriously. The values Six & Flow perpetuated from the very first instance were clear: team first, accountability, playfulness, and holistic thinking. Speaking honestly, the job title Growth Exec was new to me but it soon became clear to me that as a company there was a sharp focus on the word growth-for the clients, for the agency and for the individuals. And that for me was key. 


The recruitment process and onboarding 

Interviews are always daunting. Throw in technical Zoom issues and living with family (who just love to walk in on calls!) in the mix and you have yourself a real challenge! Like many, this was my first experience at a remote recruitment process, and boy did it feel strange to not be taking a train into Manchester or having the luxury of seeing the office space in the initial stages of an interview process. Like every other aspect of our lives, the pandemic changed the nature of recruitment. Worrying about train time delays became a thing of the past; the real fear was whether your internet connection would play ball. 

The recruitment process at Six & Flow has a clear, structured approach to how they choose their team players. Whilst the process was long, it was definitely thorough in helping both sides feel connected whilst they got to know me, and I got to know the team. From the onset, Ops Director Sarah was super helpful and transparent at each stage of the process, making the experience seamless and much less daunting. Meeting Barry, who is our lovely Client Services Director here, in the early stages also helped me discern the value the company put on their people; it was a team-first approach from the get-go. 

By the time I got the offer call (and waited the appropriate hours to accept!), I had already met a handful of the team, including Rich our MD, and Alice too, who heads up one the Pods here. Shout out to Rose too for some fab interview questions, like what's my favourite cake (ha!) The speed interviews meant onboarding was far easier than coming in blind to a team you've never been in the same room with. I soon became a part of Pod Aloha and was ready to get stuck into the world of B2B clients, great agency culture, and all things HubSpot. 


Looking back on month one

I joined Pod Aloha here at Six & Flow and, boy, was I greeted with a big hello! My first month has been great. With weekly check-ins with Sarah and lovely catch-ups with Barry, despite being remote the team has welcomed me in to absorb and immerse myself in all the new marketing bits I'd be working on. There was a clear plan from the get-go and with time to flex between shadowing client calls and upskilling on HubSpot certs, I feel I've been given the time and support to start my own growth journey here at Six & Flow. 


My favourite part of life as a Growth Exec (so far)

My favourite part of the role and the reason this position piqued my interest was the ability to learn a lot without specialising just yet. I don't have to worry five, ten years down the road that I may no longer enjoy the role I do because the route I am on now on is pathing the way for whichever route I wish to take. I love that I can come into work, be encouraged to take risks, and know there is no wrong answer. 

Onboarding remotely has been strange and I am definitely counting down the days till I can meet the team for a drink in the bar and food in a restaurant! 

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