Life at Six & Flow: Why Zieyaad Joined

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Zieyaad - 16.05.2021
life at six and flow

I'm Zieyaad, a Developer here at Six & Flow. I work within our Design and Development team. I'm responsible for creating functional user experiences by managing the client-facing aspect of websites. I'm here to tell you a story, my story... of what life is like for a Developer at Six & Flow.

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The recruitment process and onboarding 

Firstly, I met Sarah and Heather. I have never met people that were so enthusiastic about where they worked. As they were speaking about life at Six & Flow, my immediate thoughts were "I want this job" - which I told them, multiple times. A few hours later (literally), I had my second interview and met Barry. This was when I knew that this was the right company for me. The most interesting part of the recruitment process was definitely the speed interviews. Getting told you had to meet four people in one day seemed quite intimidating but Charlotte, Fiasa, Adam, and Jordan are the best of people. 

Jumping forward a month and I got the offer! This was the best news I'd gotten this year.


Starting a new role working remotely - in another country

This was my biggest fear when joining Six & Flow. Would my opinion, voice and just overall presence matter even though I'm in another country? To answer the question... I haven't felt like an outsider, ever since my first day. Six & Flow is a company that lives by its company values and are a team focused company. There are regular calls and catch-ups every week and every so often I'd get the personal message to ask how things are,  which really means A LOT. Sarah, our Operations Director has been nothing but a superstar. She's been there for me every step of the way and has played a huge role in my career at Six & Flow.


Life in the D&D Department

Jess (UX Designer), Jordan (Visual Designer), Fiasa (Project Manager) and Kris (Head of Design and Development) are amazing team members. We all bring a unique character set to the team and it really works well. We encourage, help, and are there for one another. I'm so excited to be a part of this team as I know we are going to be building some amazing things together. Hopefully we'll also win some awards along the way.


What I enjoy most about Six & Flow

Honestly, I enjoy waking up and starting my day as I get to see these amazing humans. They are always there for you, actually care about you and genuinely have your back. It's a company that challenges you to be the best version of yourself and encourages you to take chances even though you might make mistakes along the way. The hours are perfect and allows me to spend more time with my family which is a huge bonus.

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