My first week at Six & Flow - why I joined an inbound marketing agency

April 7, 2017
By Tom

You get the degree, you work the part time job, get your first real job, then get a better job, get the experience and move towards your chosen career. You start to know where you want to be and start to develop towards that, you work hard, keep an open mind and take your chances when they come. Inbound marketing agency Six & Flow was my chance.

Looking in from the outside, you can tell they are an agency on the up. Looking out from the inside, it’s impossible to ignore where this agency is going. Their core values speak volumes about where they are going and how they are going to get there.

Of course, Manchester as a commercial city is booming with agencies, creative, digital, marketing; you name it, Manchester has it. So why is Six & Flow the inbound marketing agency for me?

I’ll start with how apparent it was that everyone who works here values everybody else. This a big deal and generally a rarity. An impressive and varied client list means there is a lot of responsibility, which I was looking for, but also means that everyday can be different. My first week has already proven that. Finally, where this company will be in a year’s time, and then five years’ time, means I know I will be part of growing something remarkable.

With a centre of town base, a cool and modern office, a dedicated and friendly group of work mates, a great vision, there are a few reasons why I’m already enjoying working here. Relating back to a sporting background, sometimes you join a team and just know you’re going to be happy there. You know your teammates are good people, that you are going to get better as a player (or account manager) and that everyone has the same goal in mind - promotion to the big leagues.

So I’ll give you two reasons why others should want to join Six & Flow; because this inbound marketing agency is growing, and you will grow with it in every conceivable way that you can. And you’ll also enjoy doing so, I guarantee it.

I can’t give just two reasons to clients as to why you should let us develop and deliver your marketing strategy. Frankly, my MD will definitely give me a strange look and probably be concerned about the lack of a subtle and beautifully-crafted pitch, so instead I offer you this – we can show you our results, testimonials, case studies, cold hard evidence.

I could try and charm you, sway you and swoon you. But this isn’t a pitch, it’s just my opinion, and my opinion is that we know what we are doing. As a company we are going to reach our goals, and if you get on board with us, you are going to reach yours too.

As an experienced inbound marketing agency, we’ve worked with brands from all backgrounds to deliver bespoke inbound strategies across a variety of channel. We help people better identify and attract those who matter most to their growth ambitions. Want to know more? Read “Lessons from an inbound marketing agency”.

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