Podcast: Customer centric in a high growth environment

March 6, 2019
By Rich

In our third interview of the Grow North Podcast, we catchup with the energetic, customer centric, Bostonian, Julie Hogan, VP Customer Success at Drift.

If you work in marketing and sales and you haven’t heard of Drift, you are surely living under a rock. It’s the Boston born start-up, turned scale-up that has created its own category of marketing, a movement, if you will - conversational marketing.



Drift is the toolset to enable you to humanise sales and marketing through your site. But Julie explains that a lot better than we can. To summarise their meteoric growth, in the last 12 months they’ve tippled in size, and have now raised over $100 million dollars in investment.

And, Julie, she sits at the centre of that. Drift is customer centric and brand lead. The customers needs and challenges sit at the core of what they do and how they work.

Julie talks us through how the customer has become the nucleus of the brand at Drift. How her experiences in services industries have fuelled the passion to deliver great service and the reason the decided to look outside of the tech space to build their team.

One of the interesting themes to come from the interview, knowing when not to take advice. As a woman in tech, Julie is wants us all to have an open dialogue about the ways woman can take amazing opportunities, rather than the reasons they shouldn’t.

Drift was an opportunity that she couldn’t let pass her by. A chance to help shape what has become one of the pillars of the Boston SaaS scene. But, being a mother of two young boys a lot of the people she turned to for advice told her she was crazy to take on the challenge. We’re glad she didn’t listen.

If you are looking for someone to inspire the ways you should engage with clients, Julie is undoubtedly that person.


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