In the Grow North podcast, we’re going to be bringing you stories of how some of the worlds greatest minds and companies approach growth, both personally and as a business.

Most businesses want to grow, for some, it’s an accidental outcome, for others, it’s very much a strategic, methodical process and part of a long-term plan. And that's what's so fascinating about growth... how we achieve it and what defines it, it's different for everyone.

In the first of our brand new Grow North interviews we interview Pete Caputa, a man with an appetite to challenge convention, the CEO of DataBox and the ‘godfather’ of the HubSpot partner program - now over a $100 million sales channel for the marketing tech giant.




Pete walks us through his personal growth journey from joining HubSpot as salesperson number 4, how he test his theory (and then the data) of using partner relationships to challenge internal thinking, his relentless pushing on the senior team to open up a new channel and his eventual success in getting his way. Effectively dramatically changing the course of HubSpot’s growth and building a network of global well supported, nurtured agencies.

We speak to him about that appetite to challenge convention, his work ethic driven by his hard working parents and his journey into his role as CEO at DataBox, a tool that has fast become integral to the agency community.

Pete goes on to give us insight into creating the growth platform driving over 2,500 monthly sign ups on DataBox and their plans moving into the next six months - well, some of his plans.

This is a fascinating interview with one of the leading figures in the SaaS community.

You can check it out below or find it on SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.

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