In the fourth of our growth stories, we have Jack Tang. Jack is the CEO of the high growth tech platform Urban, connecting consumers with the alternative therapy market. Think on-demand massages.



What’s interesting about Jack’s story is how the idea was spurred, how he saw a need and a way to address it, and Urban Massage was born.

Now, rounds of funding and thousands of users later, Jack discusses how and why they pivoted the brand - not to find more growth, but to find the right growth.

Being mission focussed with core principles driving the company forward, Jack talks us through balancing the growing community with the needs of investors. With investment comes expectation but where does long term value outweigh short term gain?

This is an open and honest review of some of the challenges faced by a growing startup turned scale up. Everything from navigating the age old chicken and egg scenario of users or suppliers to being honest with yourself and not believing your own hype.

Jack is insightful and honest about his experience with growing Urban - we hope you find his interview as interesting as we do.



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