In the Grow North podcast, we’re going to be bringing you stories of how some of the worlds greatest minds and companies approach growth, both personally and as a business.

Most businesses want to grow, for some, it’s an accidental outcome, for others, it’s very much a strategic, methodical process and part of a long-term plan. And that's what's so fascinating about growth... how we achieve it and what defines it, it's different for everyone.

With our second interview of the Grow North podcast, we spent some time with Rebekah Valero-Lee the Head of Marketing for what is probably the largest recruitment firm you’ve never heard of, Morson.




With a global footprint in the recruitment industry, the 50 year old Mancunian business has gone from a single founder to nearly a £1 billion in revenue, all while holding their core values centric to the growth of the organisation.

Our conversation with Rebekah takes us from her decision to focus on moving away from external agency support to her desire to grow a team of ‘360 marketers’. We discuss their focus on inbound marketing, a push into chatbots, speaking a language the board understands and also her aspirations to become the first female on the Morson’s board.

Morson’s growth over the last 50 years has been nothing short of impressive and to see a business with Northern roots epitomise success while maintaining its original value is refreshing, encouraging and great growth story.

You can check it out below or find it on SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.

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