Six & Flow Earns HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation

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Manveen Kaur - 10.01.2024
Six and Flow earns Data Migration Accreditation

As rigorous and strenuous the process of completing HubSpot accreditations is, we at Six & Flow recognise the immense value it brings to our team's growth and our clients' success. HubSpot Accreditations empower us to demonstrate our in-depth knowledge of HubSpot, offer expert advice on integration solutions, handle implementations and management, conduct engaging demonstrations, drive sales, provide exceptional service, and deliver comprehensive reporting within HubSpot's platform.
In this blog we discuss HubSpot's Data Migration Accreditation, its significance in our company's growth journey, and how it helps our clients.


The HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation helps us display a holistic expertise in navigating the complexities of data migration, ensuring clients experience a seamless transition into the HubSpot CRM platform. For businesses seeking a reliable partner for data migration, this accreditation serves as a guarantee of excellence in execution and a customer-centric approach. To achieve this accreditation, partners must complete a rigorous training programme and successfully demonstrate their proficiency in a real-world scenario. 

As an accredited partner, our team possesses a deep understanding of the following:

  • HubSpot Architecture
  • Marketing Hub Implementation
  • Sales Hub Implementation
  • Marketing Hub Software
  • Sales Hub Software
  • Service Hub Software
  • Platform Consulting
  • Data Integrations
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Objectives-Based Onboarding
  • HubSpot Reporting


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In essence, the HubSpot Data Migration accreditation ensures a comprehensive skill set, demonstrating firsthand experience and expertise in seamlessly migrating data from clients' legacy CRM platforms and systems into the HubSpot CRM platform.

1. Data Strategy and Architecture  

The accreditation showcases our adeptness in developing a comprehensive data strategy and architecture. This includes understanding the intricacies of the client's existing CRM, defining a clear migration path, and strategising data handling to ensure a smooth transition.

2. Migration API Development

Proficiency in developing migration APIs is a key aspect validated by this accreditation, proving our capability to create custom solutions tailored to the unique data migration needs of each client, ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

3. Execution of Rigorous Migration Process

The accreditation attests to the organisation's ability to execute a meticulous migration process. This includes adhering to a proven methodology, implementing strategic planning, and addressing operational recommendations to guarantee a successful data migration.

4. Quality Assurance and Customer Support

The accreditation underscores the importance of quality assurance in data migration projects. Organisations are expected to demonstrate their operationalisation of quality assurance, including steps taken to ensure smooth migrations, documented escalation pathways, and plans for customer support and post-migration rollout.


The HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation helps assure our expertise in managing complex data migration projects seamlessly into the HubSpot CRM platform. It validates efficient and strategic data handling that aligns with the client's business objectives. Being an accredited partner we are proficient in risk mitigation and quality control, instilling confidence in clients. The accreditation also highlights the significance of post-migration support, ensuring our clients receive maintenance plans and a commitment to optimising business processes through data migration.

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