Some friendly advice from a UK Drift partner

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Tom - 21.08.2018
Some friendly advice from a UK Drift partner

As the first ever UK Drift partner, naturally Six & Flow has some wisdom to share on the software. And in a nutshell, Drift is killing it. Since its launch in 2014, they have genuinely changed the live messaging and ChatBot market for good, leaving their competitors chasing smoke.

They've helped to take live chat from a glitchy looking popup in the corner of the screen that looked more like a virus, to a sleek and cleverly integrated addition to your website. Whereas you once never really believed someone was on the other end, live chat now represents a real avenue for authentic conversation.




The founders are ex-HubSpot so they fully understand marketing and people, how to really connect and be useful. That's what Drift and HubSpot are all about, they aren't just bits of software that will make you sound efficient. They actually solve your daily work problems and make life all gushy and wonderful.

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Greatness of Drift 

Drift negates the need for forms, as conversational marketing will play the part of collecting lead data. Live chat or ChatBots still give you the ability to quickly and ethically gather information. However, website visitors (potential customers) can also engage with someone - or something - to potentially gather the information they need there and then. Drift's ability to generate conversations with visitors to your site and solve their immediate problems has seen it become one of the fastest growing SaaS in the market.

Now, there will be a badge somewhere on our website that tells you we are a UK Drift partner, but what on earth does that mean for you, the reader of this blog?

  1. We have really strong relationship with many of their top guys. By this I don't mean our account manager has started putting 'lol' and funny cat gifs in his emails, I mean our MD has been flown out to Boston to visit the headquarters and has the founder's number in his phone
  2. We know about new updates and releases before anyone else. So, if you work with us, you will be able to reap the benefits before many competitors. We were the first ever Drift partner in the UK, and we'd like to think we're still ahead of the curve when it comes to discovering new updates and offerings
  3. We can help to tailor your price package. Thanks to our strong relationship with the people at Drift, we can have the conversation on your behalf and see if we can find a solution that suits you best
  4. We can do all the dirty work for you. If you want ChatBots creating, scripts writing, responses developing, links building and the Sistine chapel repainting, we can do it all for you


Work with a UK Drift partner, and you can be talking to all these people


How we use as a UK Drift partner

Rather than give you another repetitive story of how Drift could work for you, I'm just going to share an account of how it worked perfectly for one of our website visitors this week.

I have Drift notifications set up via Slack, so whilst I was doing some other work I got a notification that someone had started talking to my ChatBot whilst looking at one of our blogs on growth driven design. I jumped on and the following conversation ensued...

  • Hi there, we're looking for a GDD partner to improve our website
  • Hi, I can help with this.
  • Great
  • Do you want to jump on a call or chat here?
  • Sure a call would be fine
  • Whereabouts are you based?
  • Mainly in Brighton, but we're often in London
  • Okay, whats the best number to call you on?
  • My mobile would be good: 07378695908

I then had a timely call with a warm lead, and it was productive too. We're catching up again next week to go through next steps, and will have a website built for them before the end of September. 


What Drift can do for you

I will keep this extraordinarily simple. If you want higher conversion rates, a shorter sales cycle and better customer communications, get Drift.

But why should you work with a Drift partner? You can just wing the implementation yourself and go all DIY. However, we have plenty of expertise and experience with clients across various sectors, which means you can benefit from a customised Drift experience tailored to your unique business needs. Let us support you in adopting live chat and ChatBot marketing on your site, and delight your website visitors from the get-go.


What to do next

If you're still reading this, I encourage you to move around our website and engage with our ChatBot. Have a mess around, send us a message, and we will get back in touch. I also recommend you get in touch with Drift and ask about Six & Flow, I'm confident they will be complementary. After this, the three of us can gallop off into the sunset atop a unicorn, ready to take on the world one chat window at a time.


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