Tech Stack Updates and Product Releases - 12th June

June 12, 2020
By Kate

Forced digital transformation can be felt across every industry this year - B2B and B2C. From GP practices finally rolling out video conferencing nationwide to your local restaurant adding ecom to their website and offering a wine delivery service.


No matter how far along we are on this journey of digital enablement, we can all improve the experience we are offering front of house and behind the scenes.

Enjoy this weeks recommendations!

  1. Product Update: HubSpot's product tool
  2. Product Update: Drift Video leaderboard
  3. Guide: A Professor's guide to interacting online
  4. Product Update: Using Drift ABM for success


1) Product launch: HubSpot's product tool

Do you use the products feature in the Sales Hub? The products feature is there to help you build a product library and tie them to specific deals whilst using the report builder to analyse their sales performance.

If you have a large or complex product portfolio you can now add SKU's to make it easier to search and find in quotes and deals.

New custom properties are also available to segment your products and organise them in whatever way you want to.




2) Product Update: Drift Video leaderboard

Introducing a little friendly competition amongst the team never hurt anyone.

This weeks 'All Aboard' updates from Drift revealed the new leaderboard feature in Drift Video which shows who has ramped up their video activity so teammates can learn from each other and fuel even more creativity.

This is a great way to understand whats working and to get top tips from the most effective videos so that the rest of the team can replicate the success!




3) Guide: A Professor's guide to interacting online

"How you ask is everything" as Typeform like to say. Professor of Social Interaction, Elizabeth Stoke, shares her advice on 'how to ask' from questions in a survey and conversations in a bot to collecting emails and asking for information.

Getting this right is essential to delivering a positive interaction & experience with your brand. Check out all the insights, videos and examples from the expert.




4) Product Update: Using Drift ABM for success

ABM customers using Drift receive notifications when someone from their target accounts are on site.

Now you can now see the visitors job role giving you that extra level of detail to enable you to start a conversation and customise it with this knowledge.

This means you can start conversations with the right accounts at the right time, setting yourself up for success. For more information about how Drift ABM could work for you chat with us below!