Tech Stack Updates and Product Releases - 26th June

June 26, 2020
By Kate

Togetherness & community are right up there when it comes to happiness at work. But how are you fostering this while we aren't in the office?

Internally at Six & Flow we have 3 company wide catch ups a week at the moment. All totally different and one is just a 'virtual coffee' mid-week chin wag. Another favourite has to be the Happy Birthday video montages Sarah, our Office Admin, has been pulling together. Far too embarrassing to share I'm afraid.

Externally our tech partner community are providing bucket loads of inspiration. Constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of whats possible. All the while communicating and delivering everything with empathy. ❤️

Here are this weeks product updates and resources in line with whats keeping us motivated and inspired right now. 

  1. Product Update: HubSpot ABM tool Slack integration
  2. Product Update: Google Keen
  3. Resource: Typeform Templates to help right now
  4. Charity: HubSpot's World Certification Day


1) Product Update: HubSpot ABM tool Slack integration

The new update for the HubSpot-built app for Slack enables you to collaborate around target accounts within a dedicated Slack channel for all team members.

The two new updates mean you can:

- Sync call info & notify slack channels by posting a Slack notification to an associated channel to notify your team that a call occurred (and list the outcome).

- Use a '/hs-buying-committee' command which will post relevant buyer-committee info to the associated Slack channel.




2) Product Update: Google Keen

Are you looking for a way to grow popularity and traffic? Google Keen creates a new opportunity for you to do just that...

Rather than a passive search engine that waits for someone to ask a question, Keen is proactive in its approach by actively searching, suggesting and recommending relevant content that people will enjoy.

A great new way for users to discover web content and for marketers to increase their reach.




3) Resource: Typeform Templates to help right now

21 new ways Typeform are using their own products to help them weather the storm. And as always they have been kind enough to template them all out so it's easy as pie to replicate in our own businesses.

Inside you'll find templates for welcoming new customers + onboarding remote employees, collecting customer stories, collecting employee WFH pictures for social campaigns, recording birthday wishes for employees, submitting HR requests, or creative briefs.




4) Charity: HubSpot's World Certification Day

Join the HubSpot Academy's one-day learning event! Get yourself HubSpot certified on the 10th of July and $5 will be donated on your behalf to help UNICEF keep the world’s children learning during COVID-19.

A great way to dedicate some time to your professional learning and development whilst supporting children's education across the globe.

Sign up today and get studying ready to take your exam on the 10th July!