Tech Stack Updates and Product Releases - 12th November

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Kate - 13.11.2020

In any business, you can't afford to sit still. You need to be constantly adapting what you do, how you learn and how you communicate to better serve your customers and stay relevant in your industry.

So this week's updates are all about evolving... from new updates and integrations that will keep you digitally up-to-date to new certifications and virtual events that will keep you learning and improving.

  1. Product Update: HubSpot Keyboard for your phone
  2. Product Update: Databox custom date ranges
  3. Certification: Drift's Conversational Marketing cert 2020
  4. Webinar: The Evolution of CRM Systems


1) Product Update: HubSpot Keyboard for your phone

Sales reps know that being timely and responsive is a winning strategy. It pays to be fast in responding to prospects.

But how is this possible with all your documents and files scattered all over the place?

The solution is HubSpot Keyboard which is an alternative to your default keyboard. It allows you to insert your information from the HubSpot CRM, such as meeting links and quotes, straight from your phone in any app that you're using, such as LinkedIn or Whatsapp.




2) Product Update: Databox custom date ranges

Custom date ranges have been a long-awaited Databox feature and it's finally here!

Plus and above customers will now be able to monitor data for a specific time period by simply selecting a start and end date.

This will result in quicker setup of Custom Metrics and Databoards since you won’t have to pre-select multiple date ranges.




3) Certification: Drift's Conversational Marketing cert 2020

Drift have released a new 2020 Conversational Marketing certification.

You'll learn:

- 3 approaches to visualise, plan, and implement Conversational Framework in your business

- How to build conversational experiences and design conversations that accelerate your business’s revenue

- How to make buying more enjoyable and how to optimise Conversational Marketing to drive more meetings and pipeline




4) Webinar: The Evolution of CRM Systems

The CRM market has changed dramatically over the last few years. Many of the big players have upped their game and made a ton of improvements but the majority of users still aren’t taking advantage of all the changes.

But don’t panic...on the 18th of November at 10:30am, Steve Vaughan from HubSpot will be joining Six & Flow to chat about all the CRM changes you need to know about and how they can help you grow your business.



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