Tech Stack Updates and Product Releases - 29th Nov 19

November 29, 2019
By Kate

Below you will find 4 fresh off the press product launches & updates from the tech tools that fuel our clients growth. 

Lately we have been spreading the word on conversational marketing with our friends at Drift. So far we have been to: London, Manchester, Dublin, Oslo and Copenhagen.

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So onto the latest tech updates:

  1. Product Update: Zhush up your HubSpot knowledge base
  2. Product Launch: Asana brings automation to manual tasks
  3. Feature Spotlight: HubSpot x LinkedIn Integration
  4. Product Update: Google's latest natural language algorithm



1) Product Update: Zhush up your HubSpot knowledge base!

Until now its only been possible to customise the main colour and add your logo. You couldn't even change the font. Now you can make your knowledge base fit your brand and the rest of your website by adding extra imagery and descriptions to the categories.

So how do you do it? Head over to your HubSpot settings where you'll find everything you can customise from domains and language to support forms and feedback sections.






2) Product Launch: Asana automates manual tasks

We couldn't do our jobs here at Six & Flow without Asana! A new update is going to stream line and help organise us even more. Introducing 'Rules' to take out the manual work in project management: assign work to others, set due dates or give relevant stakeholders visibility at the right time.

Time is important, right? Well with over 70 action and trigger combinations, you can now be more time efficient and let Asana do the work. For example, you can now auto-assign someone a task based on the type of work or project, therefore, saving a step in the project management process.






3) Feature Spotlight: HubSpot x LinkedIn Sales Nav integration

Did you know you can see mutual connections, shared interests and experiences within the contact record to help personalise your prospecting messages? Get the integration to save time flicking back and forth between HubSpot & LinkedIn and have all channels of communication recorded in one centralised place.

The integration extracts the information from the contact record to automatically find their LinkedIn profile which appears on the right hand side. This allows you to instantly update or add any important details and immediately send an InMail without ever having to leave the HubSpot contact record.






4) Product Update: Google’s latest natural language algorithm

BERT is rolling out: Google’s latest search algorithm update to better understand natural language. BERT is Google’s network-based technique for natural language processing (NLP). BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

The update will impact 1 in 10 queries, and will also affect Featured Snippets. This matters because Google said BERT helps better understand the nuances and context of words in searches and better match those queries with more relevant results. It is also used for featured snippets, as described above.