Tech Stack Updates and Product Releases - 13th Dec 19

December 13, 2019
By Kate

It's Friday 13th December 2019. This week we've had a UK general election and had client calls with a reindeer. With all the Christmas festivities and politics at the moment there are plenty of distractions. But that hasn't stopped our tech partners from shipping tip top product updates to support your growth. 

So onto the latest tech updates:

  1. Product Update: Drift playbook reporting gets an upgrade
  2. Product Update: Advanced targeting for chatflows & pop up forms in HubSpot
  3. Product Update: HubSpot LinkedIn lead gen ad creation
  4. Event: A Conversation With Drift 2020



1) Product Update: Drift playbook reporting gets an upgrade

Drift is ahead of the game when it comes to reporting. The launch of Conversational Analysis was a big milestone this year.

This month sees the reorganisation of the reporting tab bringing together performance, people, conversation flow and editor. Some of the new features include new filters, new actions and the ability to easily switch between editor and reporting.

This allows for an easy to navigate, insightful reporting section that adds further value to the Drift platform and its customers experience.





2) Product Update: Advanced targeting for chatflows & pop up forms in HubSpot

HubSpot's chatflow and pop up targeting until now has been limited. Available in pop ups and in beta for chatflow (let us know if you want to be added to it) advanced targeting and triggers allow you to filter based on website behaviour, country, device type to personalise the experience for website visitors.

Using if/when branches you can set your bot to skip/add actions based on the response of the visitor, contact value etc. again contributing to an overall better user experience.





3) Product Update: HubSpot LinkedIn Lead Gen Ad creation

Inside the ad its self is a pre-filled form with the leads profile info. With lead syncing turned on these leads sync to HubSpot and can be added to active lists and used in automations! PLUS if you connect a new LinkedIn Ads account to HubSpot you'll earn the chance to claim $100 of spend-match credit.

The targeting tab allows you to set up your ad targeting based on location, interests, behaviours, demographics, target audience size, existing audience etc.





4) Event: A Conversation With Drift

Location: London

Date: 16th January 2020

We're back once again in London for an evening of networking, drinks and of course...conversations! Join the Drift team and London's top marketers for an evening discussing how to make the way businesses buy from businesses more conversational.

The best bit? It's not a sales pitch. It's all about building a community and learning how to make your marketing more personal and authentic. 


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