Tech Stack Updates and Product Releases - 21st Feb 20

February 21, 2020
By Kate

As a sales person, at the end of the day, you need your tech stack to reduce admin & remove friction so you can spend more time selling. 

These latest updates do just that. From smashing through your follow ups in HubSpot, to sending video on the move with Drift, to getting contracts over the line with Panda Docs.

Chat and tell us where you're experiencing friction in your sales process at the moment so we can put a stop to it once and for all. 

  1. Product Update: HubSpot tasks on the mobile app
  2. Product Update: Record Drift video from Gmail & more
  3. Beta Available: Book a meeting from Drift video
  4. Product Update: Panda Docs 2019 Updates



1) Product Update: HubSpot tasks on the mobile app

The tasks tool in HubSpot helps sales reps organise & prioritise their day to day outreach & follow ups. Queue up your call list and smash through it with ease. Great right? But until now tasks have only been available on desktop. With many sales teams out and about at conferences, at meetings and events having access to this tool on the go is going to prove pretty handy.

The new updates mean you can now easily access the task queues you’ve setup on desktop directly from the mobile app and filter your tasks by calls, emails and to-dos as well as access all your completed tasks.





2) Product Update: Record Drift video from Gmail & more

Drift video allows you to land your message at every stage - prospecting, selling and helping.

Stop sending faceless emails that get ignored and start sending personalised videos that convert.

You can now record from your Gmail and LinkedIn. The video team have shipped a few other updates to the mobile app this month too; you can preview & recorded, add GIF's to your videos, and see the duration from the thumbnails which has been proven to boost engagement.







3) Beta Available: Book a meeting with Drift video

Making the experience as smooth as possible is what Drift do best. Now in beta, your prospects and customers can book a meeting with you directly from the video, giving them a direct line to your calendar. This is great for outreach, great for quote follow ups and great for closing deals faster.






4) Product Update: Panda Docs 2019 updates

Accelerate your deal completion process with the latest features. Spend less time pulling data on pricing & recipients with automation. Automate & customise the follow through to share the signed doc to both parties. Get paid inside your sales doc by connecting to Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net and more.

You can also change email notifications so they look like you by customising them with your brand colours for a consistent look and feel. 



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