Tech Stack Updates and Product Releases - 24th Jan 20

January 24, 2020
By Kate

Sales teams, if you're not using video in your sales process you're missing a trick. A big trick. A 400% increase in meetings kind of trick. Video tools are getting easier and easier to use at your desk and even from your mobile. No excuses!

Tech teams, it's probably fair to say that most updates we share in these blogs are pretty user focused. But today we have something for the more technically inclined, for those of you who get genuinely excited about integrations and coding.

  1. Product Update: Prioritise your HubSpot sales tasks
  2. Product Update: Drift video goes mobile and more
  3. Product Update: HubSot Salesforce integration sync health
  4. Product Update: Vidyard gives your developers more control



1) Product Update: HubSpot prioritise your sales tasks

As sales people, your morning starts by opening your laptop to a tonne of Tasks. Now you can mark tasks that are a priority so the most important things are actioned and don't slip through the cracks. You can sort and view based on priority.

Another great feature is the ability to create queue tasks. This means you can start a queue directly from the filtered view of tasks. Tasks can be filtered by status, task type, assignee etc. so you can prioritise the tasks that are due immediately or focus on a certain type of task.

I want to implement this






2) Product Update: Drift video goes mobile and more

Drift Video is a free tool for all Drift customers. The latest updates include the launch of the mobile app making it easy to create and share videos on the go, you can add GIFs (who doesn't love a GIF?), and your face can be made bigger and smaller and moved around the screen.

There is also an easy-to-uses review and share section that allows you to edit the title, view previews and share via a link with different privacy setting options so only the people you want to see your video can see it!






3) Product Update: HubSpot Salesforce integration sync health 

The Sync Health tab is the new and updated version of Sync Errors. It shows distinct error categories such as associations, custom code, duplicates, permissions, picklists, property mappings and property values. If the error doesn't fall into any of the categories, HubSpot's engineering team are automatically notified so they can investigate and solve the problem for you as quickly as possible.

You can sign up for sync error notifications immediately, daily, or weekly so they can be solved as soon as possible to keep the integration healthy!






4) Product Update: Vidyard gives your developers more control

The embed script is now available as an npm package enabling developers to bundle the functionality of the player embed script directly into your web application and gives more control over how the Vidyard player loads and executes javascript.

This new feature also allows you to evaluate how updates to the player interact with your application prior to implementation, again allowing you to take control.



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