Tech Stack Updates and Product Releases - 6th March

March 6, 2020
By Kate

Automations & Integrations have transformed marketing and sales. But are you using them to their full potential?

These brand new product launches & updates paired with our favourite books & podcasts will help you take full advantage of your automations and integrations.

Chat to us about your automations and integrations and take full advantage of what they can offer!

  1. Product Update: HubSpot contact merging
  2. Product Launch: New Drift Slack app
  3. Product Update: Databox Slack integration
  4. Product Update: New actions available in HubSpot workflows



1) Product Update: HubSpot contact merging is now less troublesome

So you identify a duplicate contact in the database and merge them together, BUT the new primary contact may hit enrolment criteria immediately triggering new workflows on the basis of updated properties and analytics data. With today's change, you have a new setting that ensures merged contacts are only enrolled into the right workflows.

So how does it work? Head over to your settings and choose your desired option: 'No' means that no merged contacts will be enrolled if they meet the trigger criteria after they the merge. 'Yes' means all contacts and merges will be enrolled if they meet the criteria. Simple!





2) Product Launch: New Drift slack app

Do you live in slack and don't like leaving the app to get the info you need? If your team is anything like ours, Slack is a favourite for communicating and collaborating.

With the launch of the Drift app for Slack, you can get a weekly performance digest of real-time insights on how your Drift playbooks are performing, notifications of meetings booked or conversations directed to you so you don't waste any time jumping in. All without leaving slack! Super helpful way to help your team collaborate seamlessly and in real time.





3) Product Update: Databox Slack integration

Databox pulls metrics from across your tech stack into one place to save you digging around different tools or combing through slides and spreadsheets. Now you can automate daily, weekly, or monthly Scorecards and performance Alerts to any Slack channel. Another integration to save you time.

Head to 'notifications' on your Databox dashboard and set up a new scorecard. Add in all the metrics you would like to see, how often you want to see them and the slack channel you want them to be delivered to. Now you're all set!





4) Product Update: New actions available in HubSpot workflows

HubSpot has now migrated contact-based workflows onto the same system that all other types of workflows use as part of an overall upgrade to the engine that powers workflows.

The updated workflow system offers expanded functionality and experience. Take advantage of the updated actions available within contact-based workflows including, Slack notifications, Asana task creation and the ability to copy contact properties and set deal, quote, and ticket properties.


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