Tech Stack Updates and Product Releases - 20th March

March 20, 2020
By Kate

We don't want to add to the noise but at the same time it felt wrong to ignore our current situation. 

Around the world the majority of us are wfh, and will be for a few more weeks to come. We have complied the tools to help you sell from your sofa, and marketing events you can join from your kitchen table. 

  1. Online Course: How to leverage personalised video in sales
  2. Free Virtual Summit: RevGrowth by Drift & friends
  3. Product Update: Drift video - chat to call training
  4. Blog: Using Zoom to create culture and community



1) Online Course: How to leverage personalised video in sales

With events and face to face meetings cancelled for the foreseeable future we need to innovate and use online tactics to outreach to prospects and nurture leads. Personalised video is the next best thing to face to face. The tool is free with your HubSpot. With 5 insightful videos, it's the most impactful addition to your sales process right now.

Sales reps that use video throughout their process from prospecting to sales emails see an 8 times higher open-to-reply rate. Powered by Vidyard, videos in HubSpot are easy to make and personalise. Start learning!





2) Free Virtual Summit: RevGrowth by Drift & friends

With Drift and many others having to cancel their events they have rallied the SaaS community to bring us a free online sales & marketing summit no matter where in the world you might be.

These companies are reinventing what growth means this year and beyond. Join for two days to exchange ideas, offer input, seek out viewpoints and gain endless inspiration from a community of learners gathered from across the globe....all from your sofa!





3) Product Launch: Drift video - chat to call 

Chat to Call ensures salespeople can instantly qualify leads by calling prospects directly from a Drift conversation. So how does it work? When a phone number is dropped into chat, and you then complete the call, the activity will be logged automatically once you close the chat.

This allows for better automation which ultimately reduces friction and increases visibility in workflows. Ideal for keeping that all important personal element no matter where you are working from.



zoom 4) Blog: Using Zoom to create culture and community

For remote workers, especially during these times of uncertainty, it's important to keep morale and engagement high. Zoom have pulled together all their best practices for how to make virtual working productive and interesting!

Their blog is full of tips and tricks for holding virtual lunches, organising company wide video calls and using interactive whiteboards to keep you collaborative. Take a look how they use themes, pets and food to create the culture and community of an office as the world takes on it's largest work-from-home experiment.


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