Tech Stack Updates and Product Releases - 1st May

May 1, 2020
By Kate

After weeks of decline in core business metrics, the latest trends suggest buyers are entering a 'new normal'. (Shall we create a swear jar for that phrase?)

HubSpot have been doing trend analysis on their 70,000 customers since March and the marketing data shows buyers continue to engage with content at levels equal to or higher than pre-COVID averages. Website traffic is the highest its been all year!

When it comes to sales, last week saw the highest number of deals closed since mid March. But, as salespeople give up on calling and switch to e-mailing (send volume is up 67% pre-COVID averages) this isn’t converting into responses at the same rate.

Perhaps a pause and a rethink is needed. *Cough* video selling. *Cough* conversational marketing.

Here are the things we think should be on your radar.

  1. Product Launch: Drift Audiences
  2. Product Update: HubSpot Sequences
  3. Podcast: HCF: How do you define 'community'?
  4. Product Spotlight: HubSpot X Pie Sync


1) Product launch: Drift Audiences

Marketers often ask questions such as how can I drive more qualified leads? and how can I book more meetings for sales?

But, instead of asking how, they really should be asking is who. Drift audiences breaks down your data silos to reveal who is on your website – so you can engage in real-time conversations that unlock new revenue.

The 4 ways that Drift see this working are to: drive more engagement from pages with the most traffic, increase the ROI from your marketing campaigns, discover new audiences on your site and deliver VIP-level experiences.




2) Product Update: HubSpot Sequences

Sales reps now have the freedom to bulk enroll up to 50 contacts in a sequence at one time, pause their sequences based on task completion, and keep track of sequence performance with sender score reports.

These changes give reps more flexibility while still maintaining the safeguards required to prevent spammy email behaviour.

These improvements also come with a new send limit for sequences. Limits are increasing from 150 to 500 automated 1:1 email sends per day in Professional and 1000 automated 1:1 email sends per day in Enterprise.




3) Podcast: HCF: How do you define 'community'?

If you're looking for new areas of potential right now, building a meaningful community is a great place to start.

This episode of the Humans Come First podcast talks about how marketers can leverage community to create real human experience and gives some great examples of those who have done it right.

The key points discussed are: defining community, corporate messaging in relation to the word community and leveraging community in a meaningful way.




4) Product Spotlight: HubSpot X Pie Sync

HubSpot X Pie Sync sets out to improve the customer experience through the ability to sync current and historical customer data bidirectionally and in real-time, connecting HubSpot to over 200 different applications and preventing future duplicates.

This eliminates friction and creates a unified view across all the tools you use, optimising your team's process and improving your customer experience.

With your data in perfect sync, you can focus your time and energy on what really matters — your customers.