These 3 frictionless sales tools can benefit any business

November 11, 2019
By Andy

Without a variety of time management, design, social media, CRM, video and messaging tools at their disposal, there isn't a single creative today who could navigate the complex digital landscape, let alone achieve frictionless sales. Six & Flow team included!

And while we can’t speak for your business, we can tell you the top three tools we depend on to grow our business through frictionless selling.

  1. Vidyard
  2. Drift
  3. HubSpot

Now let me tell you why that is...




You’re probably too young to remember, but way back in the hazy days of the late 1970s, advertisers across the world woke one morning to some shocking news broken by new-wave synth-pop band ‘The Buggles’: Video had Killed the Radio Star! But guess what? It didn’t end there. Because nearly forty years later the murderous video is back, and this time it’s coming for your boring marketing emails.

We’re not saying email marketing is dead, far from it. But in the wake of new GDPR guidelines, shotgun messaging anyone who’s even so much as squinted sideways at your logo in the last decade is no longer acceptable behaviour. But fear not! Vidyard is here to save the day. Vidyard is ultimately a video hosting service crammed full of useful tools for both the novice and experienced marketer alike. For example, we use it to integrate engaging & informative personalised videos directly into both our automated workflows and email sequences to keep our prospects interested in our offers.

But if you don’t believe us...

According to HubSpot’s ‘Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2019’, while 20% of people will read the text on a page, 80% of people will watch a video and a further 64% are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video: that’s a huge audience you’re potentially missing out on converting if you’re not already utilising video in your existing marketing campaigns.  

How could video work for you?

What if wanted to send all the prospects who’ve requested more information about your products a short introduction video outlining the challenges it can solve? Well, thanks to Vidyard, now you can. Or how about emailing all new customers a personalised video thanking them for their purchase and explaining how your aftercare service works? Done. The possibilities are endless: you can enhance your customer’s buying experience by sending personalised messages to specific groups based on their unique needs, and all in just a few short clicks.




Imagine this: you walk into a shop with a fist full of money and you’re ready to buy. You call for some assistance but there isn’t a salesperson in sight. The shop’s empty. And after wandering around alone for a few minutes you eventually get bored and leave. Does that sound strange? Who would run a shop like that? Well, the truth is that’s likely what’s happening every time a new customer visits YOUR website.

Marketing is changing. Thanks to 24/7 consumer culture and the rise of instant messaging technology, gone are the days when customers were happy to fill out a form and wait 24 hours for a response. Welcome to the age of the impatient prospect. But what if there was a way to service out-of-hours shoppers even when your best salespeople are safely tucked up in their beds? Well, thanks to Drift, now you can.

How could Drift work for you?

By installing a Drift Chatbot on your website, you can ensure a prospect never leaves your online shop without at least being asked if they want to book a meeting with a real person. Imagine it, your sales team can now walk into the office on a Monday morning to already pre-qualified meetings booked straight into their diaries thanks to your new Drift Chatbot.

And if you need any more convincing - here at Six & Flow we can hand on heart say we saw both a 20% increase in leads AND a 30% reduction in conversion times almost immediately after installing our first Drift Chatbot. Why not head to our website and try it out for yourself?




HubSpot is at the core of everything Six & Flow do. We use it extensively to manage almost every aspect of sales and marketing for both ourselves and our clients. HubSpot is an all-encompassing CRM platform bustling with tools which enable you to manage your marketing, sales and aftercare service all under one roof. Honestly, it really is the bees knees. 

How could HubSpot work for you?

You can use HubSpot to curate, schedule and track all social media and blog campaigns so you can deliver relevant, engaging content directly to your prospects to encourage higher conversion rates. Not only that, but it also lets you create complex workflows and email sequences to make sure your prospects are consistently informed of everything you think they need to know.

But it isn’t just about attracting new prospects. Through the simple-to-use HubSpot deal reporting function, you can also monitor and action any or all contact with prospects while simultaneously tracking your team’s sales metrics: it’s the perfect way to see where your company can improve its conversion rates. And if all that wasn’t enough, HubSpot’s robust ticketing system always ensures you keep up-to-date with both internal and client-focused tasks so the important stuff never gets missed.


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