This digital marketing agency's favourite tweets from 2016

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Hazel - 23.12.2016
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It goes without saying that 2016 has been a bit of a mixed bag. Starting with losing David Bowie and our favourite potions master in January, to Brexit and Trump later in the year. From this digital marketing agency, 2016, we’re very happy to see the back of you. 

When times get tough though, you have to laugh through the tears, and social media has acted as the perfect vessel for carrying us through tougher times. There’s nothing that quite cheers up a digital marketing agency like a selection of hilarious/tragic tweets.

So, for your Christmas present this year, we’ve hand-picked some of our most favourite things Twitter has served up in this sinkhole of a year. Enjoy.

“The One with the Sunflower Seeds”


  1. “The One when George FaceTimed the Oven”



  1. “The One with the Fish on the Bus”


  1. “The One with the Weird Dude who Forgot it was Rude to Stare”




  1. “The One with Chrissy Teigen and the Sassy Comeback”



  1. “The One Where Hillary Slayed Trump” 



  1. “The One with the Disappointed Dog”



  1. “The One with the Porn”



  1. “The One with a bit of Croc on Croc”



  1. “The One where Paul Hollywood had Zero Chill”



  1. “The One with the Awkward Introductions”



  1. “The One with the Little Man who Couldn’t”


  1. “The One with the Cutting Edge Piece of Contemporary Art”


  1. “The One with the Public Shaming”



  1. “The One with the Best Face Swap of 2016”



  1. “The One where a Digital Marketing Agency became Professional Athletes for Charity” 


It’d be rude not to put an example of one of our hilarious tweets in, sorry/not sorry. That’s all from this digital marketing agency this year! See you in 2017 and have a cracking Christmas.

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