Six tips to up your Instagram engagement

July 23, 2019
By Lou

If you’ve noticed your Instagram likes take a hit, you’re not the only one… algorithm changes seem to be affecting Instagram marketing across accounts big and small. Don't worry, we’ve put together some suggestions to increase engagement on your posts organically, and avoid bending over backwards or breaking the bank.


1. Expand your following

When you follow someone, look at the 'accounts to follow' suggestions that pop up underneath. Interacting with like-minded accounts can help people to reach your content on their Insta-journey, whether they're scrolling for interiors inspiration, bar recommendations or beauty tips.


2. Turn on post notifications

If there are certain accounts you want to engage with and amplify - perhaps they're a supplier, employee or partner company - you can do this by clicking the three dots next to an image. This will then trigger notifications on your phone whenever that account posts, so you're able to interact with their content on the spot.


3. Make the most of your stories

Instagram stories is the newest social media gold mine. Whereas users used to scroll down through posts, many now prefer to click through the short video snippets that make up a story. We all know that video content is exploding in popularity, and it's no different on Instagram, so give your audience what it wants!

You can even shout out accounts, using the little paper plane below their image to add it to your own story. It's a great way to show your followers that you're really engaged with their content, encourage them to click through to your profile and increase your content output without any effort.


4. Try different content formats

Following on from my last point, it can pay to mix things up, whether that's in your stories or on your page. Create an interesting Instagram account that combines photos, videos, boomerangs, graphics, filters, polls - there's so much you can do, it would just be lazy to stick to the same old routine.


5. Check out the explore page

This will add to your screen time, but spend a few minutes here and there on the explore page liking other people's images. Here's what I've found based on my own experience: 

  • Liking a picture - you’ll get some small engagement back
  • Liking and commenting - you get improved engagement back, likes and comments 
  • Liking, commenting and following - you get even better engagement back, including likes, comments, follows, profile visits and website visits


6. Promoted posts can boost your Instagram marketing

Now, this one does costs money, but it also helps people to reach your account fast. If you're on a mission to ramp up your followers in the run up to a big event or product launch, it could be worth setting aside some budget for a paid Instagram marketing strategy.


Any more questions for us around Instagram marketing? Let's talk!