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John - 13.06.2018
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Social media plays a huge role in any successful inbound marketing campaign. From experience, Facebook typically provides brands with the best results thanks to its phenomenal targeting tools - not just from a sales perspective, but from a customer loyalty one, too. Introducing conversational commerce can also go a long way to improving results.

Facebook's been in a lot of hot water over the course of 2018 with owner Mark Zuckerberg appearing in front of political bodies across the globe to answer questions about the social media giant's data policies in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Despite the negative publicity, though, the site's daily active users have increased every quarter for the last year. It's for this reason alone that Facebook is so important when it comes to inbound marketing for ecommerce; the ability to reach out to specific audiences as much or little as you like, in creative ways, almost instantly.


Improve that relationship with conversational commerce

Putting some of your social budget into Facebook allows you to pinpoint specific demographics with specific interests in specific locations, directing them to certain pages on your site through creative inbound marketing for ecommerce techniques to improve your chances of a sale.

For a lot of businesses, their brand perception is just as important - if not more so - than financial growth. Facebook again is the perfect platform for this, using its Pages feature to great effect to converse with existing and potential leads to build relationships, show them fresh new content and more.

However, that strategy can still provide something of a disconnect with leads, as good and creative as it may be. You may have some incredible content to offer through your Page and offers, but what if they're disappointed with your site and it's hard to navigate?

It's essential before budgeting for a social media strategy that the groundwork is laid across all areas of your site to get as consistent and concise a user journey as possible. This is where conversational marketing for ecommerce can help to significantly boost customer relationships.

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Introduce Drift when considering conversational marketing for ecommerce

If you push a specific product on Facebook, for instance, and your site isn't optimised, it will lead to a natural disconnect with the people who matter to you most.

For example, they visit the specific product page you've pushed on Facebook and want to know more about your delivery times, rates and terms, but struggle to find this information. That scenario is all too typical and can turn people off.

A conversational commerce and chatbot strategy is a great way to help, answering people's questions on-site instantly to complement your Facebook engagement strategy and effectively cover all bases.

Common questions can be answered through leading chatbot platforms such as Drift; scripted responses can answer basic questions while more urgent ones can be handled by a live member of staff, resolving problems instantly.

Drift can also offer more in terms of engagement to complement Facebook campaigns and conversational commerce strategies, such as removing the need to fill out lengthy forms, and introducing better ways for businesses to qualify leads and book meetings if you're focusing on B2B.

Six & Flow are conversational commerce masters and the UK's first Drift partner. Find out more about how chatbots can enhance your social media and wider inbound efforts by speaking to our team today.


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