What's the ideal ecommerce ecosystem for accelerated business growth?

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John - 19.06.2018
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There isn't an all-in-one marketing and sales solution out there. There are numerous sales and marketing tools to choose from depending on a business's needs and objectives. Still, we feel we've come up with a pretty damn good, close to perfect sales, marketing and conversational commerce approach with the following ecosystem.

We'll stick to simply calling it our inbound marketing approach for the time being while we try and think up a snappier name... So, what combination of software has us shouting from the rooftops? Introducing our weapons of choice: Shopify, HubSpot and Drift for ecommerce.

For us, the three integrated together through the HubSpot CRM provide a powerful way to attract better quality leads to your business, market yourself to new audiences, boost your sales potential and build stronger relationships with the people who matter to you most, especially when introducing conversational commerce into your strategy. Here's how:

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When it comes to marketing CRMs, very few can hold a candle to HubSpot for ecommerce. It's the perfect business growth tool and an incredible way to improve the results of your inbound marketing efforts.

HubSpot for ecommerce provides a slew of features; its marketing hub can help to better target and qualify the leads most important to you, automation can take charge of time-consuming tasks, and its sales hub can provide email tracking, automation, meeting scheduling and much, much more besides.



For our money, Shopify is one of the best sales platforms around thanks to its out-the-box, plug-in software, allowing businesses to set up online stores with ease.

Key to our ecosystem though is its ability to integrate seamlessly with the HubSpot CRM. Once the two are connected, you not only have access to an immensely powerful and simple-to-use, responsive sales platform, but the automation and key inbound marketing tools that HubSpot provides.






We're the UK's first Drift partner and can attest to how incredibly useful Drift for commerce can be, whether it's for nurturing leads, converting sales or just communicating with prospects.

Drift, again, can integrate with the HubSpot CRM, which essentially adds the very future of inbound marketing and conversational commerce to your website and Shopify store. Conversational commerce can overhaul your existing inbound efforts for the better, qualifying prospects in minutes as opposed to your sales team spending days and weeks on calls, emails, forms and more.

A conversational commerce approach with Drift is the best way to spearhead your overall sales and marketing efforts that HubSpot and Shopify provide. Developers can also use the Drift API to build specific bots, provide better data integrations and more to accelerate your brand's overall growth goals.

Scripted bots and real-time users can converse with shoppers almost immediately via Drift, providing them with key product information, answer queries, know when VIP buyers visit your site and more to help turn conversations into conversions.

We know because we're doing it for ourselves and our clients, using Drift, HubSpot and Shopify to cut sales cycles, generate better leads and increase sales. You can read more about it here; no wonder we think it's the ultimate ecommerce ecosystem around!

For more information on how to boost your sales and marketing potential and accelerate your business's growth, contact the Six & Flow team today.


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