Why do we use Instagram as an inbound marketing agency?

August 3, 2018
By Rose

Perhaps we've popped up on your social feed, and you're sat wondering, why would Six & Flow use Instagram as an inbound marketing agency?

Well, Instagram has more than 800 million users worldwide, so as an inbound marketing agency we just had to jump onboard and use the platform as part of our internal strategy. There are many different reasons why people use Instagram, whether it’s for personal use, to drive traffic to your website, to market your brand or to just let the world see what you're all about. 


How we use Instagram as an inbound marketing agency

I’m sure everyone knows that Instagram is a great way to show potential customers you are more than just a faceless agency.

One of the main reasons we use Instagram as an inbound marketing agency is to put a face to our brand. For anyone who knows Instagram, they will know it’s a visual platform. It allows us to share pictures and videos of our team, and provides a way for us to get our personality across.


How we use Instagram as an inbound marketing agency


Given the content we share, I feel we portray ourselves as a fun, expert, innovative inbound marketing agency that interacts with local businesses and works as a team. One way we show this is through our daily ‘#insidesix’ videos. You may have seen them posted on Instagram and Twitter.

The #insidesix series mainly started as a way of showing people what we get up to in the office, putting a face to the whole team and giving our brand a bit of personality. I think it’s done just that!

We try to share a mixture of content, showing the world what kind of fun things we get up to in the office and also when we're working on something new.

Our Positive Feedback

We've had great feedback from our #insidesix series. In fact, I think it features the very first video we produced on Instagram as an inbound marketing agency. Tom was sending a Loom video to a few clients to offer a more personal approach, so we shared this with our Instagram followers.

Someone messaged us straight away, thanking us for sharing this information and admitting they had never heard of Loom before. I actually had a conversation with this client last week, and he told me he’s been using the software ever since.

We've had a number of people come up to our MD Rich at events, telling him how good the #insidesix videos are and encouraging us to keep up the good work. We’ve even had people applying for jobs after finding us through our social media channels and wanting to join the team as a result of our content.


How we use Instagram as an inbound marketing agency - we've had some great feedback

We initially set up our Instagram account for brand awareness, both for prospective clients and potential hires. This is where the fun side of our account comes from.

However, it would also be silly for us not to be on Instagram as an inbound marketing agency, as we utilise the platform for several of our clients. We use the Six & Flow account to test all our new ideas and try out their never-ending updates, the most recent ones being Instagram TV (IGTV) and the question feature on Stories.

We’ve also recently started to host events for our partners, HubSpot and Drift. Our primary aim here is to create a community, and like we say at the start of all of our events, it isn’t a sales pitch. To fuel this community spirit, we used Instagram's question feature for the first time at our last event to encourage engagement in the room and allow people to ask questions if they were too nervous to speak out. As a result, they got the exact same answer as they would if they asked in person.

If you’re looking to find an inbound marketing agency who can take care of your social media, then we’re your guys. You can book in for a workshop with us or even a training session!


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