Team Adoption

Drive Growth through technology adoption.

Technology can transform your business. But when it comes to adoption, it can be challenging to get everyone on board. 

A team adoption plan starts by reviewing current processes in place, identifying areas for training, and offering support for team members.


new technology adoption
Team adoption onboarding for digital transformation

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Technology Adoption

Change management

People fuel change.

Without your team adopting the new technology and digital practices, your digital strategy will not work.

New software brings its own set of friction points. Your team needs to feel empowered to tackle these new practices on their own.

A key piece to team adoption is change management. We power your organisation with the training, support, and resources to adopt new tools. Our approach is value-led that is tailored to your unique business offering and needs.

How we deliver

What it means to work with Six & Flow.

Receive a bespoke strategy based on data gathered and external data collected. Together, we start with a workshop, data analysis, cleansing and process mapping to create documentation for your team. 

Onboarding ensures you don't receive something you can't use. Your system needs to run by the needs of your team and they need to comfortably navigate the new processes. 


Why Six & Flow

Global Reach in EMEA, APAC, NAM, & LATAM. 

With insight into 15 different countries, and expert knowledge across go-to-market teams and CRM implementations, we work with you to first map your challenges and identify pain points. 

We understand that each organisation offers unique value. 

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