Why use PartnerStack.

PartnerStack is a partnership platform that helps B2B SaaS organisations create new revenue channels through affiliate, referral, and reseller channel partners. 

Build an ecosystem of partners that drive awareness and enable prospects to access a wider net of trusted expertise.

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How to run a Partner Program

A successful partnership program typically requires a dedicated partner manager and development resources. From there, you will need to:

1. Recruit Partners

Identify your strategy for identifying and recruiting qualified partners. PartnerStack’s platform enables this through its built-in network of partners.

2. Identify your payment strategy

You will need to pay partners promptly, create flexible offers, and/or establish a reward program.

3. Choose a platform that supports your partners

Using a partnership platform is the first step in creating a scaling program. Not all platforms are built the same. Ensure yours offers the tools to engage and empower partners.

4. Motivate your partners

Managing a partner program requires you to Identify and grow key segments. To achieve this, establish resources and incentives based on performance.

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Choosing your Partner Program

Your partnership team should communicate with stakeholders to determine the type of program you wish to implement. 

PartnerStack recommends Affiliates > Referral > Resellers

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The platform for affiliates, referrals & resellers


Build an effective affiliate network in 2 months. Drive traffic and leads through tacked links created directly within PartnerStack.


Empower your partners to sell your offering and transition qualified leads back to your organisation to close the deal.


Create the training and infrastructure for your partner to sell your solution. 

How does PartnerStack enable growth

Reach thousands of partners

Reach thousands of partners

PartnerStack’s network of 65,000+ partners ensures your program reaches a wider audience to accelerate recruiting partners and driving revenue.

Automate onboarding

Automate onboarding

Ensure leads become customers using email flows and co-marketing tools. And, offer your partners access to certifications and training tools that power them to sell better.

Automate payment processes

Automate payment processes

Ensure your partners get paid promptly with automated payments. Build flexible offers that reward partners based on your custom criteria.

Tailored interface

Tailored interface

Provide your partners with a tailored experience from application to payments, with an interface that offers visibility and instant communication.

PartnerStack & HubSpot.

Sync partner information and sales data directly within HubSpot.

  • Create contact records for new partner leads
  • Create and update contact, company, and deals for new partner deals
  • Communicate with partners and offer rewards when new milestones are achieved
  • Keep partners up-to-date about lead and deal updates
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Assess your RevOps Maturity

What do you need to operate effectively?

RevOps streamlines your revenue growth by crafting repeatable processes, leveraging customer data, and integrating systems for effective team scaling, all tailored to your maturity stage.