Smeg UK's Recipe for Growth: Building Relationships Through Data

Revolutionising how customers view their kitchens, Smeg has combined technology with style for over 75 years.

Smeg is a brand that brings a touch of refinement to the world of appliances. With a commitment to elevating kitchen spaces, Smeg's UK team looked to HubSpot and Six & Flow to bring the same level of sophistication to the systems supporting their marketing and sales efforts.

Why Six & Flow

Cerie Paton, Head of Business Systems at Smeg UK, described her team as agile and playful, and they needed an onboarding partner that would work with their unique style. We hit it off immediately when we shared our implementation methodology, which involves strategising, implementing, and training.

From the beginning, our team at Six & Flow became an extension of their team. We listened to their feedback and actively incorporated changes as needed. There was no rigidity to the process - just a fluid and organic collaboration that allowed us to work together seamlessly. 

The Challenge

Smeg UK needed a cohesive landscape for its sales and marketing efforts. Multiple systems with no central platform made it difficult for the team to gain a complete picture of their customers and understand the impact of their campaigns.

"We had nearly 15 systems, each serving their own individual purpose."

Cobbled Customer Journey

Data was scattered across various channels, making it a challenge to capture meaningful insights and track the ROI of their marketing investments. The lack of a centralised system also hindered their ability to personalise each touchpoint along the buyer's journey, causing a disconnect between the sales and marketing teams.

In brick-and-mortar stores, marketing data was collected, but without a central location to store and segment the data, insights were lost, and marketing efforts were not maximised. It was clear that Smeg UK needed a solution to bring its sales and marketing teams together and align their efforts for a more efficient, data-driven approach.

The Solution

We took a multi-step approach to the scoping starting with a functionality requirements session followed by a tech stack audit to understand what was being used across the business, a user journey mapping session and several data sessions.

We wanted to make sure that we understood the need and landscape of the Smeg UK team so that we could present efficient solutions without the need to remove or replace every system and start again. 

Workshop & strategy session

To align their marketing and sales teams, we worked with Smeg UK to map their ideal customer profiles and personas using data insights. The workshop allowed us to identify opportunities to leverage automation and bring their processes and information into one optimised stream. 

Marketing Hub & Sales Hub Implementation 

Smeg UK recognised the need to adopt a system that their teams could efficiently utilise, and that would provide the necessary features to propel their growth forward.

In Marketing Hub & Sales Hub, we delivered on the strategy initially set out in the workshop. From templates, smart content, and workflows to deal pipeline creation, Smeg UK quickly realised that HubSpot would become their all-in-one platform. They can now migrate from a cobbled solution of 15 different systems to one unified platform to create personalised and connected customer experiences. 

ETL Data Modelling & Data Sync

To ensure HubSpot would drive sales and marketing alignment, we first needed to map their source system to the HubSpot platform through an open API.

The process involved capturing the essence of each customer, including their orders and details of the items within those orders. This allows Smeg UK to segment audiences based on product ownership and lifetime spending.

We relied on Hightouch, our trusted technology partner, to make this happen. By setting up four successful data syncs between Smeg UK's sales system and its local data sets, all customer interactions across online and offline channels will be captured in HubSpot.

We advised Smeg to adopt an Integration Platform as a Service rather than a custom integration as it would offer greater robustness, security and flexibility. 

The integration will allow valuable offline data from brick-and-mortar stores to be captured inside HubSpot, ensuring no data point is left unused.

SMEG UK Data Mapping

The data synchronisation process was thoroughly tested in a sandbox environment before being deployed to production to guarantee that the data was accurate. 

Cerie Paton, Smeg UK
I could not have asked for more! from start to finish, the team have been knowledgeable, organised, friendly and a pleasure to work with. We picked Six and Flow because of how they described their work; they fit our approach and did not disappoint.
Cerie Paton, Smeg UK

The Impact

HubSpot's robust system architecture will provide Smeg UK's team with a comprehensive view of the customer journey. As customers interact with the brand, HubSpot will capture a single source of truth across contact, deal and line item objects. 

Smeg UK engaged with our team across various training sessions. By providing custom documentation and one-to-one training sessions, Smeg Uk is enabled to continue use Marketing Hub and Sales Hub Enterprise to deliver personalised, targeted campaigns that truly resonate with their customers.

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