What are ChatBots, why do you need them and how can you create your own? 

Consumers have accepted ChatBots as part of their lives and regularly converse with them – knowingly or otherwise – on websites and social media.

Believe it or not, you don't need a computing degree and decades in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) to build a ChatBot. In fact, they are easy to create and customise, and sit as the perfect marketing solution for most businesses to consider as part of a wider inbound strategy. 

Our guide is designed to explain what ChatBots are, why you need them and how to create one of your very own, in order to:

  • Increase lead interactions
  • Improve engagement
  • Collect valuable lead data
  • Provide great customer service

Interested in increasing your lead volume and reducing your sales cycle? Download our best practices guide to creating your own ChatBot.