How should you evaluate CRM software? Get started with this 3-step template.

Access up-to-date requirements for your next proposal, explore HubSpot's standard and OOTB capabilities, and compare HubSpot to other CRMs using the free CRM RFP tool.  

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Identify your CRM requirements

Selecting a CRM Platform can sometimes feel daunting. That’s why we compiled a list of requirements based on the use cases we see everyday.


It covers the main requirements you should consider, including:


  • Integration Capabilities
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation
  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Customer Support
  • Sales Capabilities
  • Governance and Security
  • And More!


Get started with the CRM RFP tool

Get your team on the same page and take the first step in knowing with confidence you are choosing the right CRM platform. 

Evaluate and compare HubSpot

Easily create and prioritise CRM requirements.

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Kickstart your selection process with built-in requirements based on HubSpot and other top-performing CRM platforms.



Rank HubSpot and your other top contenders based on the specified requirements that matter most to your business.



The tool calculates and presents the scores, allowing you to easily identify the most suitable system for your specific needs.

CRM RFP Free Tool

The ultimate CRM checklist

All CRM criteria listed in the RFP tool have been meticulously researched and checked. The requirements go beyond feature requests... We've covered everything from GTM operations, security, and even costs. This thorough list of criteria ensures you don't miss any important criteria cases in your vendor selection.


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Select the right platform for your business

Compare HubSpot to other customer platforms and make an informed choice. The free RFP tool brings clarity and transparency to your decision-making process. Easily assess, score, and analyse platforms to find the best fit for your needs.


What can a HubSpot partner offer?

HubSpot Elite Partner

So, you’ve made the decision to consider HubSpot in your platform evaluation - a great decision might we add. 

As a HubSpot Elite Partner, we'll help scope your use case, build a strategy, and help you identify if HubSpot is the right choice for your business.

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Easily compare HubSpot to other CRM vendors

Evaluate all the essential requirements you need to choose your CRM Platform with confidence.