B2B Sales Benchmark Report 2024

Ebsta analysed 4M+ opportunities to understand the attributes that set apart a top performer in a sales team.

Use these insights to build a winning go-to-market strategy focusing on driving growth predictably and sustainably.

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2024 Benchmark report

What's included

Uncover the secrets of the top-performing B2B sales reps and capture insights from $54B of pipeline. 

With two-thirds of sales reps failing to make their quotas, businesses have noticed an increasing reliance on top performers.

The difference between top and average-performing reps are evaluated in this report through five key attributes: pipeline generation, qualification, objection handling, relationship management, and deal management.

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The "more = more" principle is not sustainable anymore forcing businesses to rely on a select few performers who can adapt to tight budgets, smaller teams, and old tech; unfortunately letting go of those who can't.

Download the report to see how top performers leverage data to make effective decisions surrounding personas to engage with, accounts to focus on, deal qualification, pipeline and relationship management.

To explore the sales landscape in 2024 and identify the attributes that define top-performing sellers across B2B, Ebsta analysed:

🤝 4.2 Million Opportunities

💰 $54B Pipeline

💼 530 of the world’s best-performing companies

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Discover Insights from 4M+ Deals

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Ebsta identified the top attributes that define a top-performing seller across B2B. Use these insights to give you an advance in 2024 and beyond.