Going 'online & remote' with HubSpot

Constant change and uncertainty means we must adapt...and that means going online and remote.
1.30pm BST (8.30 am EDT), 3rd April

What will you learn?


Join us along with HubSpot to talk about going online & remote in the face of COVID-19.

In these unprecedented times, it’s essential to be sympathetic and collaborative to remind us of our humanity and what’s important.

So what's out there that can help your business through these difficult times and how can you create an opportunity for transformation?

In this webinar, Steve and Charlotte, two inbound sales professionals, are going to talk about generating business through inbound marketing and sales alongside 24/7 services and the reasons why businesses must go ‘more online’.

The speakers

Steve Vaughan
Steve Vaughan
Senior Sales, HubSpot
Charlotte Utton
Charlotte Utton
Business Development, Six & Flow

What's on the agenda?

The HubSpot response
What has HubSpot done to help? We’ll talk through the changes HubSpot has implemented in response to the crisis including: availability of free tools, partner commissions, mental health webinars, flexible payment terms and the removal of limits. In these unprecedented times, HubSpot and Six & Flow are here to help and be flexible…just let us know how we can help.
Opportunity for Transformation
Necessity is the mother of invention, don’t waste a good crisis. Learn how you can use these difficult times to grow and develop your processes and transform your company as you focus towards the future. Creating inbound leads and inbound sales is especially important for generating new business during this time.
Questions & Reflections
How are you adjusting to the new normal? It’s now more important than ever to have daily team meetings to keep morale and energy high. Does your team have the right technology to work from home? Have the chance to ask all your burning questions and get suggestions from others including top tips, recommendations, stats, stories and best practices.