Accelerating growth with Shopify, HubSpot and conversational commerce

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John - 10.06.2018
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What's the lifeblood of your business? Your customers, of course. The stronger the relationship you build with them, the more likely you are to fulfil your growth potential, which is why we think brands investing in Shopify can take the next step much more quickly if they add HubSpot and conversational commerce into the mix.

First off, a word about Shopify for the uninitiated. Shopify is one of the world's most popular ecommerce platforms and has helped countless brands grow. Shopify is an impressive sales tool with numerous powerful features for brands who want to sell products through various online channels.

With Nasdaq expecting that 18% of UK retail purchases will happen online in 2018 and that 95% of purchases will be facilitated by ecommerce by 2040, the benefits of adopting and utilising a sales platform like Shopify in a growing online market are obvious. So, where does HubSpot and conversational commerce come into play?

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HubSpot and ecommerce are perfect partners, too

For many, HubSpot is predominantly a marketing CRM, which is why they choose Shopify; instead of taking their chances with HubSpot and ecommerce, they'll navigate towards a secure sales platform that will be more likely to help them manage their storefront and sell more products as soon as possible.

HubSpot has a lot of incredible features, though, which offer immense sales support to help teams automate time-consuming processes, qualify leads and more. Use it wisely and you can better align your sales and marketing departments to produce powerful campaigns that target the B2B and B2C customers most important to your business's growth.

Brands serious about their growth can enjoy the best of both worlds as Shopify can now sync seamlessly with HubSpot to provide possibly the most powerful inbound marketing for ecommerce strategies that could vastly accelerate a brand's sales potential.

The benefits of both platforms include marketing automation, generating, targeting and qualifying better leads, more accurate information from the purchasing process, customer list segmentation, better reporting and much more besides.

Brands could also accelerate their growth potential by introducing conversational commerce to their inbound strategy, too.


The importance of chatbots when inbound marketing for ecommerce

Another platform that can connect to HubSpot and integrate seamlessly with a Shopify strategy through the CRM is Drift.

Drift is the leading conversational commerce and marketing platform around and, as the UK's first-ever Drift partner, we can attest first-hand to how effective it is in generating better leads, building relationships and improving a business' sales conversion potential.

Drift's chatbot software allows site visitors to immediately open a conversation with sales representatives at your business, find out more about specific products, book meetings with people in the company and many other incredible features.

Its most important feature is that conversational commerce negates the need for leads and consumers to spend time filling out lengthy forms, turning them off a purchase. A sales process that could typically take days to weeks can be slimmed down to mere minutes; perfect for the ambitious business that wants to amplify the power of their existing Shopify approach to sales.

Find out more about HubSpot and Drift integration with your Shopify strategy by contacting the Six & Flow team today to find out more.


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