Fiasa's first week at our growth agency

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    Fiasa - 08.02.2019
    Fiasa's first week at our growth agency

    Hi there! I'd better introduce myself, I'm Fiasa, the new Account Manager at Six & Flow, and I'm here to give you some insight into my first week at a growth agency

    Well, where to start? Starting a new job can be extremely nerve-wracking as many of you will know. The excitement mixed with nerves and trepidation as your first day looms on that fateful Sunday evening is a weird stomach-churning feeling.

    Which is why I was baffled  at how at ease I felt in the lead up to starting at Six & Flow. Instead of the usual nerves and anxious wait, I was just excited to get started and eager to really get to grips with growth marketing and all things Six and Flow.  

    When taking the decision to start a new role, I'd made a list of suitable companies with Six and Flow at the very top of the list. Having reviewed the core values and beliefs held here, I knew straight away that the growth agency was going to be the right fit for me. This was solidified even more so throughout the interview process, where I got to meet various members of the team. Everyone mentioned hard work paired with great support, management and a touch of humour as the essence of Six and Flow.

    Arriving on Monday morning wasn't the normal overwhelming experience it can be, but instead one where I was made to feel completely relaxed and settled. My week consisted of introductory tasks, getting to grips with the amazing services we offer and the general processes here at Six & Flow. Onboarding has also been an unusually easy and a fun process, getting a coffee with most of my new team mates as well as getting to know clients over video calls.

    The clients we work with and the growth we're experiencing as an agency is a huge testament to all the hard work the team puts in. I can't wait to delve in and really be a part of it all. Now I'm off to make a brew and get stuck into week two!


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