How to be more comfortable on video

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Nisha - 22.12.2021
How to be more comfortable on video

Nearly 90% of video marketers say that using video in the marketing and sales process gives them a positive ROI - according to stats from HubSpot.

That’s a massive increase from 33% in 2015.

Partly it’s because with automation and better CRM integrations, we can better track the results from videos.

It’s also because the equipment you need to create a quality marketing and sales video is significantly cheaper than it used to be.

You can easily create a great sales video with your smartphone, or even create personalised videos using your web camera.

And it’s definitely worth it.

According to Vidyard, close rates have increased for more than 50% of sales professionals who use video at some point in the sales cycle.

But despite all these benefits, the idea of getting in front of a camera is pretty terrifying for a lot of marketing and salespeople.

It doesn’t have to be like that and it’s easy to overcome that fear and start to see the benefits of using videos for your own sales and marketing.

We use video a lot (you can check out some of our videos here) so we’re used to being in front of the camera.

To help you get better and more confident, here are our top tips for being confident on camera:


1. Know what you’re going to say

You can’t wing it when it comes to talking on camera.

You’ll lose track of your thoughts, get flustered, trip over your words and struggle to get back on track.

Then you’ll be nervous when you start again.

Whenever you’re planning to sit or stand in front of the camera, know what you’re going to say.

If you’re starting out, write down everything you’re going to say - word, for, word.

Your challenge here will be to make it sound natural and not like you’re reading.

But you’ll get better over time.

Eventually, when you become more confident with your topic and talking on screen, you’ll be able to get by with a few notes and talking points.



2. Rehearse

The great thing about marketing and sales video is you’re not going live - at least if you don’t want to.

This means you’ve got plenty of chances to just run through what you’re going to say.

This is great because you’ll figure out the parts that will trip you up and be better prepared.

You’ll also be more confident in what you’re saying and sound more natural than trying to do a video cold.


3. Practice

Let’s be honest, it’s not natural to stand in front of a camera and not many of us feel naturally comfortable with it.

But like anything, with practice the idea of being on screen will become less strange and be more normal for you.

As soon as videos stop becoming an unusual thing to create you’ll notice your performance improve drastically, and quickly.


4. Don’t aim for perfect

We’re not shooting Hollywood movies with our sales and marketing videos.

The whole point is to create a personal connection with your customers.

And you’d be surprised how a glossy film can break that connection.

It feels less real.

The little imperfections in your videos will come across more naturally and help create a better connection with your audience.

We all love those videos when the host's kids walk into the background and cause a scene - it’s relatable and comes across as more human.




5. Don’t forget to breathe

If you’ve ever watched yourself back on a video you’ve probably thought that you’re talking a mile a minute - way quicker than normal.

In truth, you’re probably not, but it’s easy when you’re on camera to talk quicker because you’re trying to get through it before you forget what you’re going to say.

But you should aim to talk a bit slower than normal and take a breath in between points.

Not only will you be easier to understand for your audience, but because you’re not trying to ram 4 minutes of information out in 30 seconds you’ll be less likely to trip yourself up.

6. Create the right environment

We’ll bet you hate watching yourself back on camera and you’re self-conscious about how you look.

The reason most of us think we look bad on camera is because we don’t think about the camera set-up.

You should set the camera up at a more flattering angle, not below your face looking up at you (no one wants to be able to see up your nose anyway).

Instead, you should have the camera raised either to your eye level or aiming slightly down at you.

You should also clear the background and create more of a staged area.

You’ll feel more comfortable and your video will also look a lot more professional.

Also, set up good lighting for your video.

The light should be pointing in your direction, rather than being behind you, which will light you up effectively rather than turning into a shadowy figure.

Finally, dress the part.

You’ve probably heard the phrase fake it ‘till you make it.

It works on camera.

Dress comfortably so you’re not squirming around in your shirt, but try and dress up a bit more.

You’ll feel more confident and authoritative than trying to film a professional video in a ripped t-shirt.




7. Relax

You can always tell when someone is nervous on camera because they sit rigid, their shoulders raised up to their ears and they don’t move a muscle while they’re talking.

We don’t talk like this in person.

We’re more relaxed and expressive.

So carry that over to your video.

They say about 90% of communication is non-verbal.

So relax and be expressive with your hands and arms when you’re talking and use motions to emphasise points.

Obviously don’t wave your arms around like a lunatic, but being more relaxed and casual will help you no end.



Make more sales with better sales videos

The biggest piece of advice we can offer when it comes to making videos is to start making them.

Use the tips we’ve given here to help you, but there’s no substitution for getting in front of the camera and making a start.

Sure, you’ll trip up a few times, make a few mistakes and probably not want to send your first few videos.

But trust us, stick with it and you’ll soon start to see some real improvements in your videos - and the results you get from them.

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