How to increase sales on Amazon from £0 to £9k in 9 months

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Darren - 30.07.2018
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Companies the world over are looking to increase sales on Amazon, one of the most exciting and innovative online marketplaces around. However, competition is stiff, and you'll need a plan in place if you hope to see a healthy profit.

eCommerce is quickly overtaking face to face sales in brick and mortar stores, with a big number of online businesses moving towards a clicks and bricks model, a move that very often sees a great increase in sales and profit for the brand, and improved convenience for the customer.

Amazon and eBay are two of the biggest eCommerce platforms, creating billions of pounds in revenue every year, and constantly adding more and more users to their already thriving base. For many businesses, rather than selling independently through just their own websites, listing products on Amazon Marketplace and eBay is seen as a viable option.


Why should I sell my products on Amazon?

With huge net sales of close to $178 billion in 2017, and as the most valuable brand of 2018, Amazon is indisputably a giant of the eCommerce world.

Amazon Marketplace enables vendors to sell their products through one of the world’s biggest shopping websites, allowing their third party stock to appear alongside Amazon’s own products in search results. It’s a very successful method of sales for both third party businesses and Amazon themselves, with a huge 52% of Amazon’s sales coming from the marketplace.

Let’s take a look at some recent key figures for sales on Amazon:

  • Net sales increased 43% to $51 billion in the first quarter of 2018
  • For the third year in a row, customers voted Amazon #1 in corporate reputation
  • US consumers ranked Amazon #1 for Internet Retail for the eighth year in a row
  • In 2017, global sellers’ sales grew by more than 50% worldwide

What's more, Amazon is still growing. Sellers flocked to Amazon Australia to fuel the fastest growth rate of any Amazon marketplace, acquiring 5,000 sellers within 42 days of its launch in December 2017.

Luminosity Store, which lists around 5000 products, saw more than 30% of sales in January 2018 come directly through the Amazon marketplace. Meanwhile, LatestBuy – which lists 700 products – experienced an immediate surge in sales when Amazon launched.

“We had substantial volume almost immediately," LatestBuy director Darren Campbell explained. "It meant we had ten percent of additional sales we probably would not have had without being listed on Amazon."


How can we help to increase sales on Amazon?

It goes without saying, a sales platform as successful as this means there’s going to be some tough competition. You can’t just add your products, sit back, and wait for the sales and money to come flooding in. A proactive approach is needed, and this is where we come in.

We piloted our own service with the aim of increasing marketplaces sales and helping sellers get a better return from their trading on eBay and Amazon. We ran this service with some pilot clients to get an idea of how effective it could be before we started to offer it out to a wider customer base, and fantastic results came back .

We specialise in eCommerce website development, marketplace integration and sales growth through better trading and export. We’ve worked closely with organisations such as Online Seller and the Department of International Trade offering advice and events including training and workshops.

Not to boast, but considering our skills and hands-on experience, if we can’t increase sales on Amazon for a client, then it’s probable nobody can!

There’s no tricks, secrets or underhand tactics here. We’ll be honest – you could probably do this yourself.

There, we said it. You could trawl Google for days, even weeks on end, looking at the best tips for increasing your sales on Amazon. Eventually, you might just get there in the end. But how would you know if you've really covered all bases? What if there’s something more you could be doing that you’re missing out on?

With nearly a decade of experience behind us in managing and growing Amazon sales, that’s the type of valuable knowledge you get with us.


Take a look at our results

As we said earlier, we piloted a new service with the intention of increasing sales on Amazon. For us to claim success, we’ve got to give you some evidence! Let’s take a look at one of the clients we worked with. For the sake of confidentiality, let’s call them 'Company A'. 

Company A is a lifestyle business rather than a full-time company, and outsources warehousing and customer services. They sell branded stock within a pretty competitive market.

Company A already had an eCommerce website, and we integrated them with Amazon Marketplace as well as designing them a bespoke eBay store. So, how did our process work out for them? Take a look at this graph...


How we increase sales on Amazon from £0 to £9k in 9 months


This shows their sales growth from a standing start between Month 1 and Month 8. Yes, that’s correct, the business quickly grew to turn over almost £9,000 a month, a hands down success! As we started to work with them on export, their potential continued to grow. Company A has a very exciting future ahead!

Obviously, every client is different, and we can adapt to any unique business targets and ambitions. If you'd like to chat, why not book a call with us!


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