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Amazon and eBay are two of the biggest ecommerce platforms, creating billions of pounds in revenue every year and constantly adding more users to their base of millions. For many businesses, rather than selling through their own websites, listing products on Amazon Marketplace and eBay is seen as a viable option.

However, you can’t just add your products and wait for the sales to come flooding in. A proactive approach is needed, and this is where eBay and Amazon optimisation come in.


eBay and Amazon optimisation is the process of optimising your ecommerce business’ product listings on eBay and Amazon Marketplace to improve their visibility and sales.

There are no tricks, secrets or underhand tactics here - you just need to know what Amazon and eBay want to see from your listings in order to get them ranking, as well as what will make your customers buy from you rather than your competitors on the platforms.

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More visibility

eBay has more than 170 million active users, while Amazon counts over 300 million.


More sales

In the five days to Cyber Monday 2017, Amazon customers ordered almost 140 million items from Marketplace sellers.


Promote your listings

Create eBay and Amazon PPC campaigns to get your listings in front of more buyers.


Marketplace selling is growing

In 2017, more than half of all Amazon sales were from third-party sellers.


Access new fulfilment options

Lean on Amazon’s logistics resources with FBA so you can focus on selling.

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Access overseas markets

On Amazon, cross-border ecommerce by SMEs accounts for more than 25% of total third-party sales.


Why do sellers need eBay and Amazon optimisation?

eBay and Amazon Marketplace allow retailers to sell their products through two of the world’s most popular and successful ecommerce websites. For some businesses, these are strong enough sales channels to represent a viable alternative to selling through their own online stores.

Amazon, for example, has over 300 million active users - and, as of 2017, it’s third-party sellers as opposed to Amazon itself that account for the majority of all sales on the platform.

However, there’s a catch: a sales platform as successful of this means there’s going to be some tough competition. In order to ensure their products are visible on these marketplaces and attractive to potential customers, retailers need to work hard to make their listings as relevant, attention-grabbing and compelling as possible.

This is where eBay and Amazon optimisation come in.


Our eBay and Amazon optimisation solution

We sat down as a team and reviewed the content of our training courses, meetup and events, and the advice we give as part of our marketplace consultancy service. Something struck us - we’ve got years and years unique hands-on experience at growing sales on marketplaces.

It was at that point we realised that if anyone could increase sales on ebay or grow revenue on Amazon, it was surely us! With that, our marketplace optimisation service was born.



Identifying the right ecommerce platform for your marketplace is a must, and the most important thing to start off with. With a whole host of different ecommerce platforms to look at, there’s no “one-size-fits-all”, and some of the top-rated providers such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, all carry their own benefits.

The simplicity of Shopify and WooCommerce make them a great choice for setting up an easy-to-launch business, while the advanced functionalities of Magento allow full customization and control over every aspect of the website.



Once we’ve got the right platform integration for you, we’ll be sure to fully optimise your listings to drive more sales. This is basically a bunch of things we’ll do to make your product listings the best they can be - and better than your competitors. We know the standards that Amazon wants, and what it takes to get your listings ranking highly and more visible to customers.



Putting you ahead of the competition is important, and price and competitor analysis is another key service in our package. In every individual niche and product field, there are going to be different businesses doing things in completely different ways.

Observing and analysing what the competitors in your field, both successful and unsuccessful, are doing can be a very valuable activity. Rather than learning from your own mistakes, you can learn from someone else’s, ensuring you stay on track and firmly ahead of the competitor.



Keeping a close eye on how your campaign is progressing is key, which is why we see great importance in growth reporting and forecasting. We take pride in keeping track of your sales data in a clear, organised manner, making sure you have all the resources you need to analyse the data you want, in your own time. Once we’ve started the process, we’ll have some useful data at hand, that allows us to forecast how things may go in future.

We ensure these predictions are as accurate as possible, giving you a clear idea of how things are going, and will continue to do so.

Now you know how your track record with selling on Amazon looks, it might be time to start thinking about taking your business global. We’re on hand to help with the ins and outs of international growth planning when it comes to a point of taking things that bit further.

It’s easy to think that international sales might be out of your reach, but with a carefully planned strategy, tailored business plan and a bit of well-needed patience, international expansion won’t seem so difficult after all.

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We have managed to quadruple our revenue in a 12-month period.

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