The more you know: How to inform your account-based marketing strategy

May 16, 2019
By Adam

Behind every strong account-based marketing strategy, there is an even stronger research process. Without laying the foundations for your campaign, you are unlikely to see the results you're hoping for. Don't worry though, these useful tips will help you prepare for account-based marketing success.

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How to DMU map like a champ

Mapping the decision-making unit (or DMU for short) is one of the key things you need to do when planning any account-based marketing strategy.

This is no easy feat and is laborious at the best of times, but it’s foundational for the success of your campaign. So how can you DMU map like a pro giving yourself the optimum chance for success?

Below, we give you three tips for a killer DMU...

Finding what you need to create rapport

It’s not just about mapping the turnover or the challenges of your target. Your account-based marketing strategy relies on real insight to help your sales team quickly build a rapport with prospects.

Identify your prospect's personality and needs at a top level so your sales team can reference this. Are they a big sports fan? Do they love music gigs? Are they family focused? By mapping out some quick details, your sales team can easily and quickly build rapport.

Go in-depth but don’t be creepy

A successful account-based marketing strategy needs a fully fleshed-out persona, and its important to understand their challenges and success indicators. However, you don’t want to know their blood type or their thoughts on Russian literature. Only gather enough information to help your sales team, don’t just go full stalker for no reason.

Being able to talk about football or music is one thing, but if a salesperson starts their patter and already knows the prospects dog’s name, this will creep them out and probably prevent a sale.


Keep it structured and clean

We all overshare online whether we know it or not. There is a ton of information available and you can enrich your data continuously, but you need to make sure that it’s structured and appropriate.

Don't let your account-based marketing strategy lead you down a rabbit hole. Spend time mapping out what you need to know and how it applies to your sales team, and then stick to that process.


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Empower your sales with social selling

There has been a major shift in the B2B buying process, and social media has also become a key part of buyer decision making. Learning how to use it effectively can help you better engage with potential clients and nurture them through to a contractual relationship. But are your sales team more keen on bashing the phone or making an actual connection?


Don’t sell — connect

Potential buyers are interested in sincere and authentic interactions. Don't go in for the hard sell or you will lose prospects (and followers). Try to start conversations in a transparent way, and avoid spamming people. Learn to play the long game with lead nurturing, and your account based marketing strategy will thank you.


Join and participate in industry groups

Buyers often say that much of their decision-making is influenced by social media discussions. Using sites like LinkedIn and Quora, they look to peers and industry leaders for guidance on solving complex challenges. Get involved here, and start sharing valuable content in these groups to boost your reputation and influence.


Contribute to existing conversations about your brand

You know who you want to target with your account-based marketing strategy, and biddable activity should be nurturing brand awareness among this audience. Join the conversation by honestly answering questions and providing assistance to current and potential clients. Studies show that B2B buyers are five times more likely to engage with a sales rep who provides new insights about their business or industry.

Don’t wait for prospects to go elsewhere, get on social and really start to charge your account-based marketing.


Perfect your account based marketing strategy with us

If you're still new to the account-based marketing world, we're here to help. Why not download our  guide on the subject to learn more?


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