The Future of Customer Engagement: HubSpot Acquires Clearbit

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Sarah - 06.11.2023
The Future of Customer Engagement: HubSpot Acquires Clearbit

HubSpot simplifies data management and strengthens customer relationships.

Every interaction, across all go-to-market efforts, is captured in HubSpot - available to all teams.

But, this is just the tip of the iceberg of HubSpot.

They've grown beyond data management... Beyond customer relationship management.

HubSpot has transformed into a customer platform, a tool powered by Ai that enables personalisation, prospecting, calling, quoting, and more.

Despite this central system of record, businesses often turn to external solutions for valuable data. They crave rich attributes about companies, including demographic data that uncovers key decision makers, the tools they use in their tech stack, and even intent.

So, what's next for HubSpot? Well, they've just announced a recent acquisition of Clearbit.


HubSpot acquires Clearbit

What is Clearbit?

Clearbit is an illustrious data enrichment platform, a tool that empowers businesses to grasp a deeper understanding of their customers.

Aligned with HubSpot's value proposition, Clearbit provides an intricate, holistic view of customer profiles by weaving together disparate elements of data.

They power B2B businesses with the data to enrich records, reveal buying intent, and connect with ideal customers.

The acquisition of Clearbit by HubSpot signifies an exciting convergence of two titans in their respective domains.

"Clearbit has always believed that data is fundamental to the best B2B go-to-market teams," said Matt Sornson, Co-Founder and CEO of Clearbit. "By joining forces with HubSpot, the industry's most loved B2B customer platform, we will unlock a whole new level of value for our customers and help all of B2B grow better.”


An Enriched Customer Journey

Let's envision a hypothetical customer journey for a B2B tech company utilising HubSpot's full suite of tools.

Suppose the company's marketing team has launched an inbound marketing campaign. They've created a white paper on "The Future of AI in B2B Sales" and are using HubSpot's content management system to host it. Now, a potential lead, let's call him John, lands on their website and downloads the white paper.

John's basic information - name, email, and company, is captured in HubSpot through the form he filled before downloading the white paper. However, in today's hyper-competitive marketplace, to engage John effectively, the company needs a more comprehensive understanding of his profile. This is where the current data in HubSpot falls short and data enrichment enters the scene.

With Clearbit, you now have an enriched view of John's profile, inside HubSpot. Basic company and contact data is supplemented with additional attributes like his role in the company, who external decision makers are at his company, revenue, the industry, the technologies his team is using, and even the company's recent funding rounds.

This enriched data creates a more holistic view of John, enabling personalised engagement strategies.

For instance, armed with this robust data, the sales team can craft a personalised pitch that not only speaks directly to John's needs but also anticipates his future requirements. Imagine leveraging the power of generative A.I., fuelled by all the rich data gathered through Clearbit, to create highly tailored and engaging messages that resonate with John on a deeper level.

With this advanced technology, the sales team can go beyond a generic sales pitch and truly understand John's pain points, challenges, and aspirations.

With generative A.I. inside HubSpot, teams analyse John's past interactions, preferences, and behaviour patterns to create messages that are not only relevant but also compelling. 

Revenue teams can easily understand this data and pull actionable insights. With the integration of Clearbit's data enrichment capabilities into HubSpot, revenue teams now have access to a wealth of information that can drive their decision-making and sales strategies. The enriched customer profiles provided by Clearbit allow revenue teams to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience, including their pain points, preferences, and purchase intentions.

By analysing the firmographic, demographic, and technographic data points offered by Clearbit, revenue teams can identify high-fit prospects and prioritise their outreach efforts. They can also uncover valuable insights about a prospect's industry, the technologies they use, and even recent funding rounds, enabling them to tailor their messaging and approach accordingly.

Furthermore, the integration of Clearbit's data enrichment capabilities with HubSpot's customer platform means that revenue teams can easily access and leverage this enriched data within their existing workflows. They can seamlessly integrate it into their sales and marketing processes, allowing for more personaliaed and targeted interactions with prospects and customers.

With the ability to understand this data and pull actionable insights inside HubSpot, revenue teams can make informed decisions about their sales strategies, identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling, and optimise their overall revenue growth. They can uncover trends and patterns within their customer base, identify areas for improvement, and refine their approach to maximise their success.


Clearbit Data

Clearbit's data provides a wealth of information that enriches the customer profiles. Businesses gain access to over 100 firmographic, demographic, and technographic data points, all drawn from a variety of both public and private sources such as social profiles, company websites, crowdsourcing efforts and more.

This ensures a multidimensional and accurate portrayal of each customer.

An impressive roster of 400,000 users place their trust in the robustness of Clearbit's data, which covers a staggering 20 million companies and half a billion decision-makers.

Such rich data empowers businesses to pinpoint high-fit prospects, comprehend purchase intentions and engage with customers in an effective manner. The quality and the breadth of Clearbit's data truly helps in elevating customer understanding and personalising interactions.

The amalgamation of HubSpot's powerful customer platform and Clearbit's rich data enrichment capabilities signifies an exciting leap forward for businesses focused on customer engagement and personalisation.

By providing a more holistic view of customer profiles and enabling tailored interactions, this acquisition empowers businesses to foster stronger relationships and drive growth.

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