Why are HubSpot certifications important

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Sarah - 10.03.2022
Importance of HubSpot Certifications

Six & Flow prioritizes growth and encourages our team to continue upskilling. What happens when you put 40+ people together to continue learning & development?

On March 8, 2022 we embarked on an 8-hour journey of completing HubSpot certifications. 

We called this, “HubSpot Certification Day.”

Each person within our organisation set out to complete HubSpot certifications relevant to their role. 

And the support we had throughout the day, was… incredible. 

But, as an agency with lots of projects on the go and busy calendars, why do set aside one full day to complete certifications?


Why Six & Flow takes HubSpot Certifications

Accountability. Growth. Holistic Thinking. Playfulness.

These are our core values. 



We believe in earning trust, and it’s important to us that we can be counted on both personally and professionally. 

Each team member, whether they are just starting at Six & Flow, or part of the leadership team, is accountable for continuing their learning path. 

Learning is a lifelong process.

“Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day, but teach them to fish and you’ll feed them for life.”

Our team takes accountability for our learning. Professional and personal development is not stagnant. 

When we encourage our team to be advocates of their own learning, that’s when real creativity, experimentation, and success occurs.

Certifications offer one way to show our team that we must continue developing our skills as a means of taking ownership and accountability. 


Holistic Thinking:

We’re always looking for new ways to add value through our work; creating is what we do best.

As the digital ecosystem grows, we must stay up to date with the latest trends and gain new knowledge. 

HubSpot continuously releases new certifications that directly correlate to growing skills, knowledge, and confidence. 

Confidence that we can try new things, with the knowledge earned from a certification to back us up. 

We can then take these new insights into our own marketing, sales, operations, and finance practices. Then, apply them with clients to deliver exceptional work. 

Certifications are one of the many ways we incorporate holistic thinking into our business. 



We believe it’s an inherent need and want for any business, but also for our team. We believe in growth not just for the business but for the individuals that make up our business.

When our team members grow, our business grows. 

By outlining professional development goals, our team has a clear path to growth. We understand where we are, and what skills we need to obtain to continue delivering value for our clients. 

As a busy organisation, it is easy to say we focus on professional development, but let our busy day-to-day lives hinder us from taking the next step in our growth goals. 

We truly do believe in helping our team grow through upskilling, training, and support. 



We like to have fun with our work because it improves our individual lives, as well as the results for our clients. We encourage all team members to test, break, and learn along the way.

A picture is worth a million words. We’ll let this one speak for itself. 


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What is HubSpot academy?

HubSpot Academy is a platform offered by HubSpot for education and training. They offer both courses and globally recognized certifications across inbound marketing, sales, social media, content marketing and more. 

Courses enable you to learn new skills on popular business topics. 

Certifications help you grow your career by adding industry-recognized badges to your toolbelt. 


Are HubSpot certifications important?

HubSpot has its own research team that stays up to date on the latest trends, growth tactics, topics. HubSpot certifications offer an accessible method to gain new knowledge from industry experts. And, like any certification, it is what you do with that knowledge that makes it valuable. 

With each course and certification, HubSpot will link to valuable templates and tools that enable you to turn your learnings into action items. This way, you can take your learnings directly into business practice.  

Why HubSpot Agencies should stay up to date on certifications

As a HubSpot Elite Partner Agency, it is essential for us to remain up to date on HubSpot academy and certifications. HubSpot stays up to date on latest trends, resources, and best practices. As an agency whose bread in butter is HubSpot, it's important for us to also stay up to date. We use HubSpot every day and implement bespoke strategies for HubSpot. 

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