What we Learnt in Six Months as a HubSpot Partner

June 14, 2016
By Alice

What on earth happened in 2006? Well, this was the year that the film Borat was released, The Human Genome Project published the last chromosome sequence, and a whale briefly got stuck in the Thames. Remember any of that? No, me neither. However, for any HubSpot partner worth their salt, this year will also be known for the birth of a globally-used marketing software platform. Happy birthday, HubSpot!

A short history of HubSpot

Ten years ago, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah founded HubSpot, with the hopes of making the world more inbound. They realised that traditional tactics of outbound sales were starting to struggle, as customers switched off and stopped listening. In response, they developed inbound tactics that would attract the right leads to them.

As Halligan and Shah very wisely explain:

Inbound really is everywhere. It's found where people are respected, whether by valuing their time, by solving for their needs first, or by not interrupting them with something they don’t need.

One decade later, and the marketing automation software is used by 15,000 companies across more than 90 countries. Over 14,000 people attended the Inbound conference last year, and Inbound 16 is likely to beat this number. As HubSpot’s audience keeps growing, so does its offering of online tools, catering to new needs experienced by its many users

Tastes and technology change. What’s important is to keep in mind what doesn’t: People matter. They have choices, and they have power. People want to be valued and feel respected. That’s not going to change, nor should it.

Our short history as a HubSpot partner

When it comes to Six & Flow's experience, we’re actually pretty new to HubSpot. It’s only been six months so far, but what we lack in history we make up in enthusiasm! We’ve also won over a bunch of clients, who love the functionality and visibility which HubSpot provides

We’ve enjoyed our short time so far as a HubSpot partner in Manchester, and we can’t wait to learn a whole lot more when we touch down in Boston in November. Home to HubSpot HQ and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre, we’re hoping to soak up all the inbound knowledge we can. Efforts will also be made to explore as much as possible in the time that we have stateside (and eat as much as we can… can I say that? We want all the lobster.)

So, in just six months as a HubSpot partner, here’s what we’ve learned…

  1. You can never have enough data. No seriously, you can’t. Every client we work with is blown away by the transparency that HubSpot can provide over every lead, piece of content and social post – you name it, we have stats for it. Not only does this make our life easier, it generates a greater level of trust with clients who can see the numbers for themselves.
  2. Organisation is key. Like Monica in Friends with her wedding folder, organised by colour themes, cuisines and outfits, we love to label campaigns. Planning makes everything else flow effortlessly. Well, for the most part, anyway.
  3. If you can’t be bothered to do it yourself, get HubSpot to do it for you. Now, Six & Flow (and our lovely clients) always achieve top marks for effort. However, sometimes it is just easier to get a bit of a helping hand. We love HubSpot’s automation abilities, which let us nurture every inbound lead on a consistent basis, without having to run around doing it all ourselves. Phew.

Looking ahead

We have very big plans for the future, so bring on Six & Flow's ten year anniversary! In the meanwhile, if you’re looking for a Manchester HubSpot partner, why not give us a shout. We work with clients all around the UK, and we love a new project to get our teeth into.

Working with a HubSpot partner agency can complement the technical side of the HubSpot software and introduce a hugely-effective inbound marketing campaign that can take your business to the next level of growth. If you would like more information, read our blog "How working with a HubSpot partner agency helps brands grow"

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