Three Things we Love About Being a HubSpot Partner

July 7, 2016
By Alice

We like to think that we keep up with the latest digital marketing trends, and we pride ourselves on being a UK HubSpot partner agency. That’s because marketing automation plays a big part in our campaigns, providing them with a massive boost in efficiency. What’s more, our clients love the visibility that HubSpot’s inbound software provides.

But that’s not all! We know there’s more than one marketing automation platform out there. Here’s why we chose to focus on HubSpot as our go-to offering for clients and the centre of our own in-house marketing activity…

They have fun gadgets

We have a handful of tech companies as our clients, so it’s fair to say we love a good gadget. Lucky for us, being a HubSpot partner agency feeds this thirst as they provide a wide range of useful resources (in fact, they have an entire online library).

This is full of helpful guides and templates to help users progress their accounts. From homepage design to social media scheduling, it’s comforting to know that there’s support out there ready and waiting if you need it.

They also have more light-hearted apps and gizmos. HubSpot’s blog topic generator is just one example of this. Anyone can use the simple form by filling the blank fields with terms that are relevant to your blog. And voila – it automatically generates a handful of blog titles for you to consider. Even if these suggestions don’t quite float your boat, they can definitely get you thinking about your blog content in a different way.

They have a suggestions box

Despite being considered, by and large, as a global success, HubSpot aren’t at all precious about constructive criticism. In fact, HubSpot Ideas operates as a purpose-built sounding board for any new concepts or possible improvements to the platform. Each and every user is free to make suggestions to the HubSpot technical team. That’s not something you see every day!

We’re big believers in customer feedback – we even send out the odd survey to our clients, just to check in and make sure we’re doing everything we can. If you don’t ask, you don’t know! Six & Flow is a fast-growing agency, and naturally we want to make sure we’re sprouting in the right direction, as it were.

They get everyone involved

HubSpot has just announced its first 100+ speakers - who don’t even account for half of the total content - that will be present at INBOUND 16. We’re incredibly excited to attend both as a HubSpot partner and, quite frankly, as fans of some speakers (hello, Alec Baldwin, or should we say Jack Donaghy?) We also love how HubSpot went about creating their conference’s bumper schedule.

Individuals had to pitch proposals to HubSpot in order to be in with a chance of presenting a session. Now, the event will be shaped by these contributions! It may sound simple, but it’s exciting to be a part of something that’s growing and evolving as we speak – after all, that’s basically what the internet does – and we can’t wait to soak up all of the knowledge that people are so keen to share.

Fancy becoming a HubSpot partner yourself?

Hopefully this blog offers some help if you’re thinking about choosing an inbound marketing automation platform for your business. However, if you’re still undecided on whether you’d like to use HubSpot as part of your company’s marketing efforts, why not get in touch? Six & Flow is a HubSpot partner agency in Manchester, with clients based around the UK (we can travel!), and we’re always eager to make new friends.


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