Is your sales process broken? Let's find out

July 2, 2020
By Jake


Did you know that salespeople spend just a third of their day talking to prospects?

Six & Flow Sales Comparison Tool


That’s according to research by HubSpot.

The rest of their day is spent writing emails, data entry, prospecting, researching leads, scheduling calls and going to internal meetings.

Surely the sales process is broken if your sales team is spending such little time actually doing their jobs.

How do you think your sales process stacks up against this?

If you want to find out, and get advice and guidance on how you could improve how you go about your sales process, use our free Sales Comparison Tool to see how you’re doing in areas like Video for Sales and Sales Enablement.




How about the amount of time you give your sales team to spend talking to prospects who are actually likely to buy from you? Rather than spending their time clambering through bad fit prospects who aren’t going to become customers of yours either way?

Are your sales and marketing teams working closely together so marketing is providing sales with the kind of content they need to help prospects?

And are your sales team keeping marketing informed about the kinds of questions they’re getting from leads so you can create the kind of content that will be useful?

This Sales Enablement is a critical part of today’s marketing and sales mix, so you need to make sure you’re on top of it.

If you want to see how your Sales Enablement strategy is working - or whether you have one - try our free sales tool.




We all know that Video for Sales has become a really effective tool lately, even before the last few months using video in the marketing and sales process was becoming more popular.

It’s become so popular that seven in 10 B2B buyers now watch at least one video at some point during their buying process - according to HubSpot.

And videos about product features are the most popular videos to consume, followed by How To videos and professional reviews.

You and your sales team might be new to the idea of using video, although the amount of Zoom calls we’ve all been on in the last few months have probably got rid of quite a bit of camera shyness.

If you’ve already started using video in the sales and marketing process, see where you’re up to with our free sales comparison tool.



If you’ve yet to dip your toe in the water, download our video for sales guide below to get some expert advice on how to get started.

Finally, have you heard of frictionless sales?

It sounds like a term dreamt up in a marketing meeting, but it does actually serve a purpose if you decide to use it.

Basically, frictionless sales in the process of making it as easy as possible for a customer to buy from you, removing any points of “friction” from the process like not making critical information readily available, or keeping prospects waiting to talk to sales.

Who would create all these barriers you ask? Who would actually make it harder for someone to spend money with them than it needed to be.

Well, you’d be surprised how many businesses create these problems for themselves. Not on purpose, but they’re there.

Partly frictionless sales is about understanding the buyer journey so you can match your marketing and sales material to what your customers are looking for at different points of the buyer cycle.

Whether it’s just looking for general information on a problem or looking for a more technical product detail.

It's also about giving your sales team the time to sell more effectively. Which we go into more detail about in this blog.

Try our free sales comparison tool to see whether you’ve put processes in place to meet the demands of today’s frictionless sales environment, or whether you could be making your sales team’s life harder.

Don’t worry. If it turns out you’ve not got it completely right, we do have a complete guide to doing frictionless sales in 2020 which you can download at the end.

So, give our sales comparison tool a go and see how your sales function is actually performing.


Six & Flow Sales Comparison Tool