Life at Six & Flow: Why Grace Joined

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Grace - 19.09.2023
Life at Six & Flow: Why Grace Joined


I typically don't publish blog posts – I’d usually just leave them in drafts. But isn't life all about pushing boundaries and embracing new experiences?

When I asked our Marketer for a template to follow, she said I didn't need one. She encouraged me to just let it flow. So, here you are, reading this, no matter how it turns out!


Life Before Six & Flow

A little back story; I've always been in the fast-paced world of tech and SaaS startups. There’s just something about being in the room with other creatives, unabated, just brainstorming, bringing incredible ideas to life and iterating quickly. 

When my family got the visa to move to the UK earlier this year, one of my fears was what a new workplace would look like- you know that tiny little thing called fear of the unknown? Yes, that one had quite a grip on me 🙂.

Whilst in my job search adventure, a close friend landed a role at HubSpot, and he’d tell us some of the fantastic experiences he was having there. I was genuinely happy for him and hoped to have similar stories to share soon. 

Fingers stayed crossed, I wasn’t going to lift them until I got my job! 


Applying to Six & Flow

I stumbled on a Six & Flow job post on LinkedIn, a little skim through their website revealed that they were a HubSSpot Elite Partner, and that was all the motivation I needed to apply. 

After all, excellence begets excellence, right? I was determined to give it my very best shot.

HubSpot aside, it was clear to me just how much Six & Flow prioritised its 'Team First' ethos. I could see this during the recruitment process, especially during the speed interviews, which I found particularly enjoyable. I gained some insight into the team's dynamics since, at that point, our conversation was not overly focused on the role itself. Every interaction with the incredible leadership team at Six & Flow, including Richard Wood, Adam Aigbokhae, Sarah Latham, and Charlotte Smith made me eager for the next one.

The email from Six & Flow came in shortly after our phone call. It read "Welcome to the Six & Flow team." It was surreal. I had secured my first job in the UK, and it was exactly what I had hoped for.


Life at Six & Flow

As an HR Manager at Six & Flow, my role revolves around creating an enabling environment where dedicated professionals are valued, encouraged to be creative, to collaborate, and do their best work together, thereby reaching their full potential. It doesn’t get better than that, if you ask me.

Over the past 7+ years, I've worn various hats in the Tech & SaaS sector, starting with Customer Service and progressing to HR. I am now bringing a wealth of skills, experience, and a strong sense of purpose and alignment to this role. This marks an exciting new chapter in my career journey, and I'm thrilled to have Six & Flow accompanying me on this adventure.

Shout out to the amazing Ops team Sarah Latham, Heather Clements, Eva Ward, Chris Shafto, and Amelia Skipper who have made my first 3 months as a new hire an incredible experience.

If you have the opportunity to join this company, you should 1000000% take it. You won’t regret it. Check out our careers page for available roles here.

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