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    Ravi - 01.03.2021
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    Writing this marks ONE YEAR at Six & Flow for Ravi! Here's how the last year has been for him in his Life at Six & Flow: 

    I'm going to pull the marketing faux-pas here and just come out and say it: As I'm writing this, it's been about a year since the wild ride that was 2020 started really coming into full force the world over. 

    It's been both the longest and shortest year of my life, and I'm sure a lot of people out there feel the same way. The thing that really gets me, though, is that the 1-year anniversary of world events also pretty much lines up perfectly with my 1-year anniversary at Six & Flow. 

    Crazy, right?

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    In a year filled with ups and downs, that one coincidental fact is probably why I've fielded more than a few variations of a core question from inquiring minds, namely: "Why join Six & Flow?". And to be fair, it's a great question - why switch jobs at the onset of a pandemic, indeed? 

    Trust me, I've had a lot of time to think about the journey, and if you've been keeping up with us over the last year you've probably noticed the stream of good news coming out - sure, we launched some killer podcasts, and yes, we officially expanded into North America and ramped up hiring across the team. Believe it or not, we even managed to become the fastest HubSpot Partner to reach the exclusive Elite status

    All these positive developments despite a lousy year - when you look at it that way, it seems pretty clear why someone would want to join Six & Flow, right? (Did I mention we're hiring?) No doubt, the achievements are incredibly satisfying validation, but none of it would have been possible without a collection of the smartest, scrappiest, most passionate people around who drive our initiatives every day - this, the people, is one of the biggest reasons I joined up with Six & Flow.

    Let me expand: Before joining Six & Flow, I had actually known them for a few years beforehand. In my previous software company role I had been working as a Partnerships Manager, responsible for contacting, partnering with, and enabling agencies around the world on our software platform.

    Being in Partnerships, of course, meant I had the opportunity to meet and work with a wide variety of skilled agencies, especially in the HubSpot ecosystem where I collaborated with everyone I could, from the biggest names worldwide to the energetic up-and-comers making their mark on the scene.

    This context was where I first met Rich (our Managing Director) and team, at that point a hungry Platinum partner, who were keen to innovate and differentiate themselves as much as they could. Despite the initial "No, we're good" to my outreach (thanks, Rich...), they eventually saw the light and ended up kicking off what, 3 years on, continues to be one of our most important Partnerships on both sides of the fence.

    And what a beautiful partnership it is! In my previous life I had the great fortune of working with the best in the HubSpot business, and yet Rich and the team at Six & Flow was always distinctly one of the hungriest, quickest, and the most caring.

    Whether it was working directly on new deals, sharing new training materials, beta testing for feedback, or just putting together some good old fashioned marketing events, as a Partner of Six & Flow, what stood out to me as was simply the passion, competence, playfulness and willingness to experiment that the team brought to every call.

    Six & Flow as a partner

    No matter how big or how small, no matter how tight the timelines or big the challenge, Six & Flow was always ready to forge solutions for their clients & help everybody involved come out with a win. As a Partner, their responsiveness, capability, and overall, just being fun people to work with, made them an exceptional agency amongst my roster, and of course cemented them as one of my favourite Partners to collaborate with.

    Naturally, then, February 2020 rolls around, we run a joint event in Toronto, and then Rich approaches me, iPad in hand and raring to go with ideas swirling about his plans for the year, and how he wants to see Six & Flow evolve. 

    It didn't take much to convince me, to be honest.

    Of course, solid plans were in place to try some cool new marketing tactics, the growth targets were compelling, and the prestigious Elite designation was a not-so-distant gleam in Rich's eyes, but more than that what struck me was the sheer opportunity ahead for Six & Flow; not just in the ability to evolve how they were servicing clients, but in how I could accelerate my own growth at breakneck speed alongside them.


    Six & Flow as an agency

    As an agency who prides ourselves on growing, moving fast and breaking things constantly, this last year has delivered on those promises in spades. I've had the chance to work with fantastic clients to tackle interesting problems, build out new processes and experiment with new tools, learn more than is probably healthy, and put myself way outside of my comfort zone. A year in and without fail, the people, the processes, and the clients are consistently out-of-this-world with no sign of slowing down.

    Not bad for a year of remote work, eh?

    It's astonishing to think how much has changed after that fateful February meeting, but reflecting on the last year only strengthens my conviction that joining up with Six & Flow was the right move. With our growth in hyperdrive, our team continuing to expand all over the world, and all the great initiatives we've got planned for the year, I'm beyond pumped to be part of Six & Flow and can't wait to see what the coming years bring.

    Whether you're thinking of working with Six & Flow on your upcoming initiatives, or considering coming on board with us through one of our open positions, I'm confident that the things that make Six & Flow extraordinary will stand out to you just as they did to me. 

    So go ahead, I encourage you to reach out and take some time to chat with us - it'll be the best thing you'll do this year.

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