Life at Six & Flow: Why Sarah joined

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Sarah - 07.10.2022
Life at Six & Flow | Why Sarah Joined

Hi, I’m Sarah,  Sr. Growth Marketer here 👋 I’m one of the Canadians working at Six & Flow, or in other words… One of the “Mounties” 

The first thing I noticed when I joined Six & Flow was the sharp difference in British vs Canadian Slang. 

I low-key debated purchasing a tape recorder to secretly record some of my coffee chats with other team members and ‘translate’ them back to Canadian English. Don’t worry, I didn’t. 

If you’re a Canadian considering a role at Six & Flow - I hope that doesn’t scare you away… Because let me tell you, the people at Six & Flow are the most welcoming, friendly, and supportive team out there. Really, there was no reason even to consider purchasing a tape recorder in the first place. 

Life before Six & Flow 

Prior to joining Six & Flow, I worked for a digital signage company in Vancouver, BC. It was a small team, but they taught me some core values that have really made a significant impact on my role today. 

Be independent. At high-growth companies, we need to be proactive and take initiative on projects. If you have ideas, communicate them and deliver on them with great confidence, creativity, and autonomy. There should always be a helping hand and advice from the leadership, but being independent allowed me to make an impact.

Let your personality shine. At my old job, we were a pretty small team. We all had to wear a lot of hats and do whatever needed to be done to get the job done. When you let your personality shine, work becomes that much more enjoyable. Not to mention, when you have fun in your role, it will help to foster your creativity.

The thing you enjoy the most can be your Achilles heel. Oftentimes, the tasks we enjoy doing the most, take the most time out of our day. We enjoy completing them, so we prioritise them. There are two lessons to take away from this:

  1. Another person on your team may be better at it than you.
  2. It’s likely your time is better spent on other tasks. 


Life at Six & Flow

I first joined Six & Flow as a growth marketer. Now, less than 1 year later I find myself as a Sr. Growth Marketer! 

The lessons I mentioned earlier have had a major impact on my promotion to Sr. Growth marketer. But that being said, it would not be possible without the support from the team and the dedication placed on enablement. 

Six & Flow offers a series of educational programs

  1. When you first join, you enter the 90-days to success (90DTS) program 
  2. Every week, a new member of the team offers a training session
  3. You can join the 90-days to excellence program (90DTE)


My experience completing the 90DTS program 

The 90DTS program is designed to help you gain the tools and knowledge to succeed in your role. Over the course of 90 days, I enrolled in a series of HubSpot certifications, connected with members of the team, and engaged in training to ensure I knew how to make the most of HubSpot. 

Weekly training sessions

The people at Six & Flow come from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. This is one of the core foundations of why the agency has experienced significant revenue growth over the last 5+ years. Team members offer different strengths - but more importantly, all want to share their knowledge with others. 

Each week, a new team member delivers training on a specific topic they excel in. In the past, our team has delivered training on SEO best practices, short-from content, A/B testing and so much more!

My experience participating in the 90DTE program

The 90DTE program is designed to help team members reach their next career milestone. It has helped me gain foundational skills so that I can improve in my role as a growth marketer. 

Each week, I meet with our director of delivery who teaches me new skills surrounding the topics of HubSpot, marketing, and strategy. 

The program is designed to be tailored to each individual. I have a say in which topics are delivered. Each week, I’ll go to the director of delivery presenting a problem or challenge I am facing, or a goal I’d like to achieve, and she will tailor the content accordingly.

Reflecting on my time at Six & Flow so far

Reflecting on my time with Six & Flow, I can't help but feel grateful. I joined the team just over 10 months ago, and it's been an incredible journey since then. 

I have grown as a marketer, team member, and person. Each day, I am challenged to think creatively and push myself outside of my comfort zone. I am surrounded by smart, driven individuals who are constantly raising the bar. And, most importantly, I am having a lot of fun along the way.

If you’re interested in joining our Canadian team, I encourage you to reach out and apply today! 

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