Life at Six & Flow: Why Tessa Joined

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Tessa - 30.08.2022
Life at Six & Flow: Why Tessa Joined

Hi, I am Tessa, a Customer Success Manager at Six & Flow 👋 My role is to be our client’s first point of call and to project manage from start to finish for each custom project. Working with the team, I ensure that each project runs smoothly, while actively reporting on progress to the wider team.

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Life Before Six & Flow

Prior to working at Six & Flow, I worked and studied in the fashion industry for over 17 years. For the last 11 years, I worked as a Product Developer and Coordinator for companies such as Paul Smith, Burberry & Varley. Then in October 2021, I made the big decision to leave the industry and look for a new career in the Digital Sector. 

I completed the Indigital Bootcamp which was run by Manchester Metropolitan University where I learned a great deal about different digital sectors through intense modules delivered by MMU, Manchester Digital, Heroworx & Specialist Hub.

Alongside my studies, I also worked as a Domisilary carer which although was very challenging I thoroughly enjoyed it and it pushed me out of my comfort zone.  During the course, it became quite apparent that my previous work experience was very transferable to Project Management.

Making the switch to Six & Flow

My previous career has prepared me for this new role in a number of ways. I have project managed many clothing collections from start to finish, ensuring deadlines and budgets are met, and clients’ needs are kept at the forefront of the project while managing internal and external partners nationally and internationally. Although working in a different industry the day-to-day skill set is very similar. 


Six & Flow's recruitment process

The recruitment process was a positive experience for me. Although there were many stages to the process, they were clearly outlined from the beginning and feedback was very quickly fed back after each step. The final stage was also a great opportunity to speak to a lot of the team before starting at the company which was a great icebreaker for when I did start my position.  


Looking back on month one

My first month at Six & Flow was daunting at first with lots to learn but having a clear 90 days plan gave me a great structure and the team has been fantastic and supportive. 

I really appreciated being given time to learn processes and systems, speaking with and getting to know the team as a whole and not being thrown straight into the actual doing without training.


Six & Flow's culture

The company culture is all you could ask for, they are an amazingly warm, friendly, supportive group of individuals.

My favourite part about working at Six & Flow is being part of this amazingly talented team with the real potential for growth personally and for the company, this is definitely not a stagnant working environment. 

The support and opportunity for growth which Six & Flow encourages are beyond my expectations. This change has also had a massively positive benefit on my family life with flexible and remote working available I have been able to take and pick my kids up from nursery without the dread of a long commute to navigate. I have even been able to actually take advantage and enjoy Friday Summer Hours, this is something that has been advertised by several of my previous employers but in reality, often didn’t materialise.   

To summarise, I can not express enough how pleased I am that I made the leap to change careers and join Six & Flow, it’s one of the best decisions I have made and I can’t wait to see what the future holds here.

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